Just one of the days, some grumbles

It has been a very long time, probably about a long 6 months that I did not come in here to update some stuff, some food. Thanks to my super hectic new job, well, I can barely breathe even at this time, I still have to monitor some production work through my company phone now becos there is some night job going on. (oh well, although production is totally not my job). At least I got some rest this past Monday due to public holiday, thanks Agung for announcing that there would be penalty if those construction companies insisted to work on that day, and I can breathe nicely without any phone calls disturbing me for a day. ( literally, I just threw the phone in the bag and nv took it out until Tuesday morning)

For the past few months, It was all about work and work and work. Phew, how come a German company nv adopt its German culture in Malaysia (other than a stockpile of reports to do T-T)? It is a 5-day work week, but my company handphone can nv ever stop ringing on Saturday and I cant claim any OT. Hey , come on, it is my rest day yo! The disadvantage of technology advancement with all the watsapp and all…

Well, I still go out and try some of the new good restaurants in Jb. It is just that I barely have time to find all the photos out, to sort it out and post it. (a bit of handphone phobia here and there too, hahaha!) Will try to post some, maybe less photos but with more words. (actually photo does not matter as long as the food is nice, hehe!)

I had a dream this morning that I was having a very delicious chicken rice with a fren just opposite my office. The portion of the chicken rice was so huge, I tried to eat and eat until i was so full and I told my fren that I couldnt take it anymore. When i turned to my fren, he was going to have one more whole roasted chicken and the whole chicken was on his plate. Then I was feeling so stuffed and walking to my office in order to go to the toilet to vomit. Oh hell, Have I been eating too much lately to have such dream????


There have been less exercise activities for me for the past 6 months? ya, crap… Becos of the hectic work life, my everyday most desirable activity is to pass through all the traffic jam and get home, get a very hot shower take a nice dinner and lie on my bed to breathe slowly (more to normally) Being very sarcastic nowadays. (seems like a good excuse for not exercising isnt it?) So, Im having a middle-age crisis right now. T-T Slower metabolism appears in my mind for like 100 times now. NOooooo! I do not want to be a fat old lady T^T I want to be the young girl who was with spark in her eyes and looking forward to everything in life lah!

Goodnight loh~~~~


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Chicken Up @ Holiday Villa, JB

Everyone is crazy for korean fried chicken in jB, Chicken Up is one of the hottest restaurant in JB for Korean fried chicken. You need to queue for quite a while especially during lunch and dinner time. (Im so hungry right now, damn)

Chicken up is attached to the building of Holiday Villa Hotel. It is at the first floor, ground floor is some indian restaurant. Where is Holiday Villa? It is jut behind KSL shopping mall, diagonal to Holiday Plaza.



It was very packed during dinner.



Left: Crispy Up Mega Chic   (RM 26.90)      Right: Spicy Yangyum Mega Chic (RM 28.90)

Crispy Up Mega Chic is the original flavour, not much special. Spicy Yangyum is cooked with korean hot sauce, thumbs up! when having the first piece, it was not that spicy, you will know how spicy it is for the second one and onwards! There are altogether four flavours of the korean fried chicken, there are soy sauce flavour and one more is less spicy flavour. They also have menu for fried chicken wings only, rather than the half chicken. They do provide plastic gloves for customers who would like to use theirs hands to eat the fried chicken and they place a little dustbin for customers to throw the chicken bones, so the table wont be so messy.



Ugly Tang Stew (RM 38.00)

Ugly Tang Stew is wat we like to call 部队锅. It is made of kimchi soup, ham, smoked duck, sausages, mushrooms and noodles. Nice, really love the flavourful kimchi soup.

The small red “sauce” is not chili sauce! well, although they really look like chili sauce in the picture, they are not!


Watermelon Soju (RM 48.00)

Dang Dang! The must try in Chicken Up is the watermelon soju, fresh watermelon juice with soju served in an empty watermelon shell. Did not know that soju can match with watermelon so well, ice cold sweet watermelon juice with slightly bitter soju, refreshing! They also have peach soju, pear soju and pineapple soju.

I am gonna make this watermelon soju at home next time, hehe!



Topokki Cheese and Seafood (RM 28.90)

Super cheesy topokki! Normally the topokki (korean rice cake) we have in korean bbq restaurant is more to sweet and spicy. This cheesy, stringy topokki is more to spicy and salty, Inside there are squid, prawns, mussels, alot of vermicelli, topokki! Anyway, I still have preference on the traditional topokki served in the other korean bbq restaurants, because this dish is abit too salty for me due to the amount of cheese inside.

If you love very cheesy, stringy sauce, it will be a good choice.



Address: First Floor, Unit 14 & 15, 

                  260, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad,

                   80250 Johor Baru.

Tel: 07-2660902

Operating Hours: 12pm-12am daily



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HAVN Restaurant & Bar @ Kulai, Johor

HAVN Restaurant & Bar is located at Kulai, it is renovated from a detached factory thus the restaurant is very spacious inside. Heard from my fren that HAVN is danish which means “Harbour”, the pronunciation is similar to “half”.

A nice place to hang out with friends for gathering or some tea or coffee, or some beer at night.  The big space and sufficient tables which cater big capacity will make you feel very comfortable even when there are a lot of ppl in the restaurant.


The exterior look of HAVN restaurant and bar.



Interior of HAVN (Downstairs, only 2/3 of downstairs)



Interior of HAVN (Upstairs)

They have a patio for outdoor dining as well. The place is so huge that it is sufficient for holding huge private event.



Bar and Juice Counter

HAVN serves a very typical menu of western food. I think most of the food eg. something to share, burger and pizza will go well with beer in a lovely evening, so probably I should drop by for a beer in the evening next time.


Food Menu



Drink Menu



Eight Secret from the Far East Tea & Cranberry Walnut Cake  (photo credit: my lovely BFF)

The tea is a mix flavour of fruity, tinge of bitterness, tinge of sourness, some flower frangrace, well a very exotic tea. Haha! That really depends on individual taste bud whether you will like it, but we kind of like it. The cake is not in the menu, but you can hand pick it near the bar counter.


The Cranberry Walnut Cake is good, the texture is firm. Fruity cranberry flavour with crunchy walnut is one good combination. Most importantly, it is not too sweet, just nice!


IMG_2532_副本  IMG_2535_副本


Carbonara is one of my favourite pasta (most frequently-ordered pasta whenever I go, so I can guess it can be considered as “favourite, lol!) However the carbonara here is disappointing, it was not so creamy, but watery and flavour was diluted. And I dun really like the sprinkle of cauliflower on top. After finishing my carbonara, there was still a pool of sauce in the plate.


IMG_2533_副本  IMG_2534_副本

Seafood Bake Rice

Seafood including clams, prawns, squid and etc, the rice is baked with Neapolitan sauce with cheese on top. The sauce is heavy-flavoured, quite salty. As you can see from the picture the rice was drenched in the sauce, thus this dish is disappointing too, it was too salty.



Grilled Chicken Chop (with Black Pepper Sauce)

As from the picture the chicken chop might appear to be abit too dry and hard, but in fact it is just nice. The purple cabbage salad was good. The grilled chicken chop was just an average on cafe standard.

Last but not least, my friend said the pizza there was not bad, so probably worth a try. Anyway this place is still new, they are still improving, the food might get better in the future.

Address: No 8, Jalan SME 1 Kawasan Perindustrian SME, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia. 

Operating hours: 12pm-1am Daily

Tel: +60 7-660 8126


Ice~ miaow miaow~

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很有道理,这好像law of attraction。 最懊恼的是,人要怎么控制自己的心理。高级skill来的,要心想事成那么容易咩?那我的心理不想要,那我的灵魂想要,怎么办?




小B比我大6歲,結婚也離婚了,但是沒小孩。小B前妻和我同月同日生,所以每次小B見面都會和我說我的性格真的和他前妻一模一樣,太像了(已經說了n次了-_-)。小B現在其實和我另一位朋友小H在一起,小B是老闆,小H是員工。然後他們現在也住在一起。然後其實從前從前中學時代,小B, 小B前妻,小H都是玩在一起的朋友。故事聽到這裡,大家是不是就覺得故事很熟悉,像某某偶像劇,但是這還真不是偶像劇哦。然後大家看到這裡,是不是覺得最後小B和小H是發現原來彼此愛的是對方,所以飛甩前妻,那又錯了。

其實是我38,和小B小H一起吃飯時終于忍不住問“你們到底是不是在一起?”小B就說:我們在一起阿,做工也在一起,也住一起阿。 阿!我忍不住發飆:“不是啦,我是問你們是不是情侶的那種關係拉!都沒看過你們牽手,到底是怎樣哦!” 小B就說:就這樣咯,大家在一起開心就好,結不結婚不重要,什麽關係不重要。小H也附和著說:開心就好。


Form 2時,小B從一所男校轉進了男女混合的中學。那第一天上學就很害怕,完全不能適應有女生這種生物一起在教室上課。還特地選了旁邊是男同學的位子。哪知,還沒上課前,突然一位別班的女同學跑了進來,朝著隔壁座位男同學劈頭就罵:你爲什麽欺負我妹!然後“啪”一聲,一巴掌打下去。小B當時還以爲自己也會被這種不知名生物(女人)暴打。所以,這個兇兇的女人就是小B前妻拉!(很偶像劇厚)。小B前妻是校花,讀書又很棒。反正就像偶像劇呢,小B就愛上了這個女生拉。過後兩人還相約說要等form 5之前努力讀書,畢業后在一起。然後還真的是那樣。可是小B前妻家很有錢,小B家很窮,可是他們都很愛很愛彼此。開始工作后,小B就很努力很努力,拼命做工加班。結婚后更拼命。但是他真的很愛他老婆,一下班哪裏也不去,都馬上趕回家陪老婆。但是真的太累了,回到家坐在老婆身邊想和老婆聊天説話,卻累得只能坐著陪她,累得不會説話了。他老婆也是職業女性,日子這樣下來,小B拼事業,老婆也開始拼自己的事業。然後小B終于開了自己的日本餐廳,可是發現老婆每天都活得很痛苦, 老婆因爲他,少了他的關心陪伴而一直很痛苦。小B當下就決定把其他生意結束,就管理日本餐廳以及關心家庭就好。可是因爲太愛了,所以痛苦也就更深了。他老婆的痛苦也累積了很多,雖然很愛很愛,卻也很痛很痛。小B看著他老婆這樣,也跟著痛苦起來。老婆過後上教會,他也陪著去教會,但是卻還是沒能減輕老婆心理的痛苦。小B真的很愛他老婆,捨不得她掉一滴淚。看著老婆因爲他而那麽痛苦,他真的不忍心。最後決定協議離婚,他要的只是他老婆能夠再快樂起來。離婚當天上法庭宣誓,幾乎所有在等待宣誓離婚的夫妻都在法庭外大吵大鬧,只有小B 和老婆還在一起好好説話,拍照聊天,法庭的官員還以爲他們走錯法庭是要去登記註冊結婚的。還要他們乖乖坐在椅子上等離婚宣誓,不要刺激到其他要離婚的夫妻們。離婚后,屋子賣了,大家各自找房子住。小B還是很愛他前妻,很擔心也關心她。但是前妻不接不囘小B, 只有通過小H,前妻才會回復或者告知近況。小B約前妻去玩或吃飯,前妻就會問小H有沒有同行,同行才會去。小B到現在也一直很心疼前妻,無時無刻都希望把前妻照顧到很好,希望前妻過的很開心,無時無刻都關心她(不過當然也是通過小H,小B擔心自己直接聯絡前妻,前妻每次都壓力很大又難過,所以也不接他電話。前妻有什麽事要轉達給小B, 也都是透過小H。 小H對這種狀況也很坦然也能接受,我真覺得很神奇很棒)。 我其實就覺得小B和他前妻的愛還是很深,只是無法繼續。

小B就接著一邊吃飯一邊也和我說,過了那麽多年我的心到現在還是很痛很痛(手摸著胸口), 爲什麽那麽愛,愛得那麽深卻變成現在這樣離婚了,大家過各自的生活。 愛得那麽深,愛卻還是變質了。(小H其實就坐在他隔壁 -_-“, 可是也沒什麽反應, 倒是我心裏爲了這種深深的愛感動,爲了這種不能在一起的愛可惜)小B繼續說:我真的心里還是很痛,覺得很可惜,我真的還是很疼愛我前妻。。。。我也沒問她現在是不是有男朋友了,我只要她過得開心就好了。

ok, 故事說完了。







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Spice Grill @ Puteri Harbour

Puteri Harbour is one of the good place for an evening stroll where you can see the sea (more like a small lake) and yachts (actually it is more windy in the afternoon but the weather is just too hot!)

Spice Grill is located at the Little Red Cube at Puteri Harbour. It serves two types of menus, Indian and Western. It is more known of its Indian cuisine, however, some of the western dishes are considered above average as well.



Normally when we have Indian food anywhere, Indian restaurants will serve Papadam (a kind of cracker ) after placing your order and before your meal is served. Papadam can be a lil bit too salty, but I still love it as a snack before meal. So we only ordered two Indian dishes, Butter Chicken Masala and Lamb Masala (Lal Maas). Butter Chicken is my favourite Indian dish no matter which Indian restaurant I go, I will order this dish. Butter Chicken tastes sweet, mild spicy and with special aroma of butter, coconut milk and spices. The Lal Maas here is good too, shredded lamb with very yummy and slightly spicy masala. We have cheese naan (naan, oven-baked flatbread) and steam Basmathi rice to eat with the butter chicken and lamb masala. Heavenly delicious and very satisfying!



Garlic Cheese Prawns, this dish was recommended by the staff. the prawn is almost the size of my palm, the size makes you feel very satisfied with one bite of prawn which can stuff your mouth full. The sauce is just nice, not too cheesy. A good combination, love this too!



Seafood Aglio Olio is of average restaurant standard. Considered not bad.



I love their cod fish much! Succulent, juicy, nicely cooked with chef’s special sauce. The sauce tastes slightly sweet and spicy but not too strong that you can still taste the freshness of the cod fish. Thumbs up for the cod fish! Maybe for guys, the portion might be slightly small. For girls, the dish might be just enough and slightly filling.



This platter is called Thrill that allows you to try different meats in a plate. Sharing by two girls will be just nice.

  • Prawn cooked with herbs: Dun really like it, I will recommend garlic cheese prawn if you wanna eat the prawns here.
  • Lamb rib: Dun really like the sauce and I dunno how to describe the sauce
  • Chicken Corden Bleu: Average
  • Grilled Vege: Average
  • Cod Fish: Good
  • Mashed Potato: I am a potato lover, so as long as the mashed potato taste normal, I will still love it.


In the end, although not every dish suits my taste bud, there are still some good dishes worth trying! And maybe those doesnt suit my taste bud one, will suit yours.

Last but not least, maybe you would like to make a reservation before you go.

Address and phone is in the following receipt. Maybe you would like to know the price before you visit the restaurant, as Spice Grill is quite a premium restaurant. you can refer to the receipt to have an estimation.




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最近都有点忙,忙着工作,忙着在休息日把钱财散尽。 (就还真的散尽了,不够钱用了,老天爷掉些钱给我吧 T^T, 离发薪日还有一个星期耶)


已经坚持运动一个月半,一星期至少运动2 到3小时,觉得自己很棒棒,给自己一个赞!科科!(有时候需要鼓励自己一下)但是最近也吃很多,不明就里地一直肚子饿,很饿。 有一点疯狂地吃好料,真是罪过罪过。。。。


话说,最近压力很大。压力大,人真的会行为很怪异。所以我现在有点了解为什么新x国的国人都那么有病,没礼貌,呃,至于那不知名的优越感我就真的不知道是哪里来的,因为到底哪里优越大概这地球上也没什么人懂。 最近神经太紧绷了,一点小事或刺激,当下的反射动作或反应会很大 (就很不自觉得大概一秒钟变身成hulk那样)所以好像会吓到人。 对于那些被吓到的人,跟你说一声抱歉了,请下次不要白目或者自己错了还敢要凶姐姐,最后呢搞到我很像流氓,然后你怪皮完突然胆缩小。








总是学不会,学不会不认真对待每一件事。 学不会happy go lucky, 学不会得过且过的过日子。






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Maio Italian Fine Dining @ JB

It has been a while for me to post some restaurants that I have been visiting, although I am still out of all places to try good food! (so I can never ever slim down, sad case T^T)

This time we found a rather quiet, secluded Italian fine dining – Maio Italian Restaurant which is hiding behind M-Suite Hotel near Danga Bay, Johor Bahru. The restaurant can be access via M-Suite Hotel or you can go through a small road beside M Suite Hotel to reach its private parking. It is a small bungalow surrounded by a “mini jungle” or garden.


As this was a gathering and birthday celebration for my cousin and friend, I had pre-booked a table for 12 persons. It was a 12-person candle light dinner, haha! The place and decoration of the restaurant is romantic with dim light and very peaceful atmosphere. The main hall of the restaurant is not big, so we conquer the whole restaurant that night, haha!



So we brought our own birthday cakes for the birthday boy and girl. The restaurant put the fireworks on the cake as a candle for us, and the whole restaurant staff came out together with the cakes singing birthday song! (Fireworks really works nice with birthday cakes and song!) The reason why we always bought birthday cakes outside rather than directly order from the restaurant that we dine in is becos we always have a very seasonal preference for cakes.

First we have Humble Beginnings’mille crepe (becos we were so in love with it, we bought it whenever there were birthday celebration and whenever we felt like eating), then we had too much of the mille crepe until we were kind of sick of it, we shifted to Mine Cake Shop’s yam-flavoured layer cake with different designer outlook (although the cake looked differently outside,  but the content is still yam cake. They also sell yam-flavoured cake in small row,so yea of cos then we had it whenever we felt like again. so until we were so sick of it, we shifted again). Then we changed to Moonlight’s red velvet and some other cheesecake. Then this time we have our craze over Verbena’s fruit cake, oreo cheese and pandan kaya. They are really nice!!!


Candle light dinner with the little handsome boy! (He is too handsome so I cant show you his face!!!)



Onion Soup

Italian bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil is the typical appetizer for Italian cuisine, I love the warm bread especially! We have also ordered the onion soup and mushroom soup. Both soups were tasty and flavourful. It was full of small mushroom chunks in mushroom soup. And of cos, Onion soup was full of onions (haha! very lame!) However for me the onion soup was a bit too salty. But! the pastry on top is crispy, it tasted nice in dipping into onion soup and tasted nice while eating it plain. Please take note that the soup is served in a big portion. For me if I finish one pot of soup by myself, I will not be able to eat anything else anymore. So my advice is that “soup is always for sharing”.



Aglio Olio with cookie stick + topping: BBQ Chicken

There are a variety of toppings for the aglio olio, there is a choice of plain aglio olio as well. The aglio olio tasted above average than some very expensive cafes in Johor Bahru. The best part is the BBQ Chicken, they have the best BBQ Chicken slices or chunks in JB. Tender and  succulent, thoroughly marinated as it tasted flavourful not just surface but the meat inside.



Pulled Beef Carbonara with asparagus, cookie stick

This is a very cheesy and creamy dish, if you really love slimy creamy cheesy stuff then you can try it. If you are not, then better dun order this unless this is for sharing cos if you dun like extra creamy cheesy food, then it might be hard for you to finish the whole plate. Overall, the dish is quite average but the asparagus here is so damn nicely cooked. It is not raw, but still crunchy and juicy and no bitter taste! (Frankly speaking, I can barely find restaurants which cook better asparagus than Maio in Johor Bahru so far)




Lamb Shank

The lamb shank is considered as average, as normal very soft. Some people do not like the meat smell of lamb or mutton, then I suggest that you may opt for their other selection such as angus beef steak. Becos this is lamb shank there is of cos lamb smell (some people just like the meat smell).  Their angus beef steak is on with certain standard as well. And, there is asparagus again!



Lamb Rack

The meat is firm and juicy, and I prefer this more than lamb shank. I prefer the sauce of this more than the sauce of lamb shank too. and no doubt, this is slightly more expensive than lamb shank.




It is a “going to finish all food” photo. Look to the left of the picture, im actually trying to say that their pizza is very good too! haha! A variety of pizzas are available and a selection of toppings for the pizza can be added. The pizza is thin-crusted and it can be taken as a delicious appetizer through sharing.




Last but not least, we are served with Italian dessert- Almond Pana Cotta! It is really sweet, it at first tasted something similar as Creme Brulee just without the caramel on top. Although It is really sweet, do try it slowly. Although the texture is similar to Creme Brulee but it taste differently when you have more. The aroma of almond slowly appeared and filled your mouth (although it is still very sweet but I love almond! I just do not have a sweet tooth)

** The price is average for fine dining, considered as relatively affordable. Average price  is about RM 100++ to RM 150++ per person for our dinner plus drinks.

Maio Italian Restaurant 
Address: Jalan Bertingkat Skudai, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
(This is the number of M Suite Hotel, however you still can make your reservation through this number. I have lost the restaurant manger ‘s contact. Do take note that when you are booking through this number, please mention that you are booking for Maio Italian, becos there is another Maio Mediterranean restaurant inside M Suite Hotel)
Operating Hours:
Lunch: 11.00am – 2.30pm ( They have lunch set as well, which price ranged from RM 40++ to RM 60 or 70++, cant really recall)
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Closed: Mondays
Food is our common ground.    – Let’s screw diet temporary first! hahaha! 
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最近觉得很累。。。唉。。想去玩叻,竟然找没有kaki (忍不住就想比中指的冲动)。安排好的,就被人放飞机(干!直接比中指)害到我想relax下都不懂要去哪里,还要·烦找谁去。不是没钱不然就是没闲,啧!(虽然我也是酱。)(一定是以前太爱放人家飞机,现在变成别人放我飞机。此乃报应也)











Icy Ice之今天monday blue。无限blue。


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前文提到,冰小姐拒绝了T君,但是mutual fren ZY就联络冰小姐替T君说好话,希望冰小姐能给T君一个机会。冰小姐拒绝了 其实冰小姐也觉得很有点烦,因为ZY每一天都发了很多信息,一直不停地说T君有多好。 冰小姐就其实觉得“靠!既然你觉得T君那么好,说到像自己喜欢他那样,为什么还每天信息来说要我给T君一个机会?” 但是冰小姐没把这些话说出口,只是就回信息只会单字像“嗯,哦,噢”之类的。

就这样过了两三星期,这个ZY信息来的次数并没有改变,冰小姐也变成只回emoticon了。冰小姐想了想,如果见到ZY,确定她喜欢T君,就鼓励她去对T君表白吧。 就某一天冰小姐很moody,就到了常去的餐厅,想到ZY就住在附近,想叫她一起出来吃个晚餐,就信息她。。可是过了两三小时ZY都没回复。冰小姐都已经吃饱了。ZY才回复说,刚手机没开机。 冰小姐回想起其实一开始ZY开始信息她时,曾经怀疑过到底是ZY本人吗,但是经过和其他人查证信息内容例如去哪里旅行遇到哪一个同事朋友都很正确,所以冰小姐就觉得应该不需要再去怀疑了。而且ZY还和冰小姐信息聊起一些女人生理问题,冰小姐想说这样也没理由再去怀疑到底一直用信息聊的是不是ZY本人了。(老实说还是怀疑,只是没有理由再去怀疑。而且没事一直怀疑人家也不对吧)


冰小姐和顾客们下班后一起吃饭喝喝小酒,ZY突然信息来说肚子饿,在等她男友下班所以还没吃饭。冰小姐就信息说如果很饿,就来join我吧。。。过了一两小时,ZY才回复说:等得太久太饿了,就去McD drive thru 了。 冰小姐就想说可能ZY不习惯和其他不认识的人吃饭,也就没多加理会了。那冰小姐吃完饭,就自己开车回家了。

一路上忙着和顾客通电话就也没特别留意路上的车子什么的(不良示范,请大家专心且小心开车)。 由于夜已深,路上比较少车,冰小姐开得也比较快些。所以呢,路上就会超车(但是是安全的,有看清楚才超车哦)。途中只稍微注意到超车之后后面的车也想跟上,但是超车不遂,当下冰小姐只觉得“靠!这些年轻人那么赶时间吗?姐姐是看清楚才超车哦,你不会看车就想跟上姐姐的屁股超车吗?危险驾驶叻!啧!” 终于到达回家路口了,冰小姐要右转,开了讯号灯,发现后面跟着的车子有点怪。 “通常打了右转讯号灯,不转的人就会往左边行驶,可是这后面的车没靠左也没打右转讯号灯啊” 那冰小姐右转后,就从望后镜看看后面这车到底是要去哪。怎知那车真有古怪,要转右又不转右的,过后跟着冰小姐车的后边来了。冰小姐就开始放慢车速,觉得害怕被跟踪。。那辆车发现冰小姐放慢车速了,于是就转左去油站。 冰小姐以为自己又多疑了,于是又继续走。哪知,那辆车又马上从油站驶出来。冰小姐已经很alert了,就直接停在路上(因为路上没车),这辆怪异车又转左去另一个路口。冰小姐看见了,马上猛踩油门狂奔回家。但是由于是住宅区,路口也不多。刚到家门口的冰小姐就发现那辆车出现在街尾了。冰小姐心想“哇靠!这次不是我多疑,真的被跟踪了!你姐姐我一定要抓到是哪个王八蛋敢跟踪我!” 于是冰小姐关了门,多在柱子后面,果然不期然,那辆车缓缓从冰小姐门前走来。那辆车一到门前,冰小姐马上从柱子后跳出来!(当然门已经上锁,安全的)可惜,天色太暗了,根本看不到车里的人。但是冰小姐能感觉到车里的人吓了一跳,就开走了。冰小姐马上记下车牌。


冰小姐当晚想了又想,应该在回来路上那辆不会超车的车就是跟踪她的叻。。。想了想除了吃饭的顾客和ZY之外也没人知道她从哪回家啊,问了吃饭的顾客有没有朋友是那个车牌的,没有。那只剩下ZY了。冰小姐有点憋不住气,马上信息ZY问你是不是ZY.那ZY只回了一个问号。冰小姐想想没证据不能揭穿对方,就信息ZY说没事,早点休息吧。 隔天一早,冰小姐马上打了电话到ZY的办公室,找到ZY后也不敢冒冒然质问。只好假问说“ZY你有收到我的信息吗?” ZY充满疑惑,信息什么信息?冰小姐此时已经肯定了原来一直以来信息的是假ZY户口。马上把假户口告诉ZY,然后把看到的跟踪车和车牌告诉ZY。当然毫无意外,一切都指向T君。(ZY知道T君驾什么车,因为他们是同事)冰小姐当机立断马上要ZY去拍那辆车,ZY也答应会帮忙了。但是做CID找证据不是那么容易的,不管什么事,总会有突发状况的,没有那么顺利的,戏不也都那么演的嘛?ZY因为工作突然要开会,工作时间没能拍到那辆车的照片,然后刚好是周末,放工后很害怕被抓包的T君马上开车回kkll了。。下星期一已经换了另一辆车来上班了。唉,证据已无法掌握了。。。







内部调查小组就说:好吧,我们还是建议你去报警。但是你真的要小心哦,我们怕你有危险。 最后也不知怎么拿到假ZY电话号码的登记人的,问了也不说很神秘。所以故事暂时就因为T君的停职暂时结束了。






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妈的,每次讲要去问米婆又忘记。。。。(其实根本不懂米婆要去哪里找 -_-“)

真的匪夷所思,十万个为什么也没有答案。 难道是要去问外星人不成吗?(可是我怕外星人 T_T, 他们会咬人吧)



This person means something to you

Why are you dreaming about that boy in your third grade class, or that girl in your Econ 402 forum? These people made an impression on you. Somehow they managed to wrangle their way into your unconscious mind and sit there, throughout the day, while you pretended to care about other people and things.

They show up at night when your guard is down and your unconscious mind is no longer repressed. They are there when you’ve stripped down to your most vulnerable form, ready to interact with you. They are there when you’re tired and uninhibited, when you’re alone and no longer distracted.

So when you wake up wondering why the hell you were dreaming about them, think less about why and more about what you’re going to do about it.




妈的,what ur going to do about it?! 我是可以做什么叻? 我都不可以control 我要梦什么!我还希望每天梦到猛男帅哥把我当女皇叻,梦到满地黄金之类。


(奇怪了,干嘛一直骂粗话。。。和我斯文优质形象不符叻,明明就一脸斯文样。说到这个就觉得自己跟打泰拳落差也很大,学了两堂课,觉得我完全和泰拳是水与火两个不同的世界完全不能相容。。。but! 我还是会继续去折磨我家教练的,努力成为他有史以来有难教的学生!哇哈哈哈!不能是最好就做就差呗!(可是最近很懒,不是有约,不然就是完全6pm就想睡觉。。我把学费都快浪费完了啦) 想当年我学游泳,也是学了多久才会啊,现在游自由式还会喝水叻。。。T^T (哀怨咯)


撇开这个新年新希望不知道为什么跑出来的梦,我可是要好好努力写一写我2016年要做的事。还没开始写,很需要写。把想做的事通通写出来。好了,等等又要去吃饭(很疑惑,人与人见面时就只能是吃饭吗,不能做点别的吗?),就让我这样变恐龙肥死吧 (很想像蛋黄哥那样可以抖一下抖一下那样,doi yo doi yo 酱。。。虽然昨天在客厅表演“蛋黄哥抖抖”,但是我reckon不是很成功,没有什么人会欣赏)

新年快乐大家! 新年快乐我的爱们! 新年快乐冰小姐!

啾~ ❤   飞吻一个免费赠送


肥冰冰:“猫!! 猫!!roar!!”

(每天对着家里两个狗喊猫,已经在家里失去身为老大的威严了 -_-“请原谅我一直保有天真无邪,哈哈!)




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