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Chicken Up @ Holiday Villa, JB

Everyone is crazy for korean fried chicken in jB, Chicken Up is one of the hottest restaurant in JB for Korean fried chicken. You need to queue for quite a while especially during lunch and dinner time. (Im so hungry right now, damn)

Chicken up is attached to the building of Holiday Villa Hotel. It is at the first floor, ground floor is some indian restaurant. Where is Holiday Villa? It is jut behind KSL shopping mall, diagonal to Holiday Plaza.



It was very packed during dinner.



Left: Crispy Up Mega Chic   (RM 26.90)      Right: Spicy Yangyum Mega Chic (RM 28.90)

Crispy Up Mega Chic is the original flavour, not much special. Spicy Yangyum is cooked with korean hot sauce, thumbs up! when having the first piece, it was not that spicy, you will know how spicy it is for the second one and onwards! There are altogether four flavours of the korean fried chicken, there are soy sauce flavour and one more is less spicy flavour. They also have menu for fried chicken wings only, rather than the half chicken. They do provide plastic gloves for customers who would like to use theirs hands to eat the fried chicken and they place a little dustbin for customers to throw the chicken bones, so the table wont be so messy.



Ugly Tang Stew (RM 38.00)

Ugly Tang Stew is wat we like to call 部队锅. It is made of kimchi soup, ham, smoked duck, sausages, mushrooms and noodles. Nice, really love the flavourful kimchi soup.

The small red “sauce” is not chili sauce! well, although they really look like chili sauce in the picture, they are not!


Watermelon Soju (RM 48.00)

Dang Dang! The must try in Chicken Up is the watermelon soju, fresh watermelon juice with soju served in an empty watermelon shell. Did not know that soju can match with watermelon so well, ice cold sweet watermelon juice with slightly bitter soju, refreshing! They also have peach soju, pear soju and pineapple soju.

I am gonna make this watermelon soju at home next time, hehe!



Topokki Cheese and Seafood (RM 28.90)

Super cheesy topokki! Normally the topokki (korean rice cake) we have in korean bbq restaurant is more to sweet and spicy. This cheesy, stringy topokki is more to spicy and salty, Inside there are squid, prawns, mussels, alot of vermicelli, topokki! Anyway, I still have preference on the traditional topokki served in the other korean bbq restaurants, because this dish is abit too salty for me due to the amount of cheese inside.

If you love very cheesy, stringy sauce, it will be a good choice.



Address: First Floor, Unit 14 & 15, 

                  260, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad,

                   80250 Johor Baru.

Tel: 07-2660902

Operating Hours: 12pm-12am daily



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Maio Italian Fine Dining @ JB

It has been a while for me to post some restaurants that I have been visiting, although I am still out of all places to try good food! (so I can never ever slim down, sad case T^T)

This time we found a rather quiet, secluded Italian fine dining – Maio Italian Restaurant which is hiding behind M-Suite Hotel near Danga Bay, Johor Bahru. The restaurant can be access via M-Suite Hotel or you can go through a small road beside M Suite Hotel to reach its private parking. It is a small bungalow surrounded by a “mini jungle” or garden.


As this was a gathering and birthday celebration for my cousin and friend, I had pre-booked a table for 12 persons. It was a 12-person candle light dinner, haha! The place and decoration of the restaurant is romantic with dim light and very peaceful atmosphere. The main hall of the restaurant is not big, so we conquer the whole restaurant that night, haha!



So we brought our own birthday cakes for the birthday boy and girl. The restaurant put the fireworks on the cake as a candle for us, and the whole restaurant staff came out together with the cakes singing birthday song! (Fireworks really works nice with birthday cakes and song!) The reason why we always bought birthday cakes outside rather than directly order from the restaurant that we dine in is becos we always have a very seasonal preference for cakes.

First we have Humble Beginnings’mille crepe (becos we were so in love with it, we bought it whenever there were birthday celebration and whenever we felt like eating), then we had too much of the mille crepe until we were kind of sick of it, we shifted to Mine Cake Shop’s yam-flavoured layer cake with different designer outlook (although the cake looked differently outside,  but the content is still yam cake. They also sell yam-flavoured cake in small row,so yea of cos then we had it whenever we felt like again. so until we were so sick of it, we shifted again). Then we changed to Moonlight’s red velvet and some other cheesecake. Then this time we have our craze over Verbena’s fruit cake, oreo cheese and pandan kaya. They are really nice!!!


Candle light dinner with the little handsome boy! (He is too handsome so I cant show you his face!!!)



Onion Soup

Italian bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil is the typical appetizer for Italian cuisine, I love the warm bread especially! We have also ordered the onion soup and mushroom soup. Both soups were tasty and flavourful. It was full of small mushroom chunks in mushroom soup. And of cos, Onion soup was full of onions (haha! very lame!) However for me the onion soup was a bit too salty. But! the pastry on top is crispy, it tasted nice in dipping into onion soup and tasted nice while eating it plain. Please take note that the soup is served in a big portion. For me if I finish one pot of soup by myself, I will not be able to eat anything else anymore. So my advice is that “soup is always for sharing”.



Aglio Olio with cookie stick + topping: BBQ Chicken

There are a variety of toppings for the aglio olio, there is a choice of plain aglio olio as well. The aglio olio tasted above average than some very expensive cafes in Johor Bahru. The best part is the BBQ Chicken, they have the best BBQ Chicken slices or chunks in JB. Tender and  succulent, thoroughly marinated as it tasted flavourful not just surface but the meat inside.



Pulled Beef Carbonara with asparagus, cookie stick

This is a very cheesy and creamy dish, if you really love slimy creamy cheesy stuff then you can try it. If you are not, then better dun order this unless this is for sharing cos if you dun like extra creamy cheesy food, then it might be hard for you to finish the whole plate. Overall, the dish is quite average but the asparagus here is so damn nicely cooked. It is not raw, but still crunchy and juicy and no bitter taste! (Frankly speaking, I can barely find restaurants which cook better asparagus than Maio in Johor Bahru so far)




Lamb Shank

The lamb shank is considered as average, as normal very soft. Some people do not like the meat smell of lamb or mutton, then I suggest that you may opt for their other selection such as angus beef steak. Becos this is lamb shank there is of cos lamb smell (some people just like the meat smell).  Their angus beef steak is on with certain standard as well. And, there is asparagus again!



Lamb Rack

The meat is firm and juicy, and I prefer this more than lamb shank. I prefer the sauce of this more than the sauce of lamb shank too. and no doubt, this is slightly more expensive than lamb shank.




It is a “going to finish all food” photo. Look to the left of the picture, im actually trying to say that their pizza is very good too! haha! A variety of pizzas are available and a selection of toppings for the pizza can be added. The pizza is thin-crusted and it can be taken as a delicious appetizer through sharing.




Last but not least, we are served with Italian dessert- Almond Pana Cotta! It is really sweet, it at first tasted something similar as Creme Brulee just without the caramel on top. Although It is really sweet, do try it slowly. Although the texture is similar to Creme Brulee but it taste differently when you have more. The aroma of almond slowly appeared and filled your mouth (although it is still very sweet but I love almond! I just do not have a sweet tooth)

** The price is average for fine dining, considered as relatively affordable. Average price  is about RM 100++ to RM 150++ per person for our dinner plus drinks.

Maio Italian Restaurant 
Address: Jalan Bertingkat Skudai, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
(This is the number of M Suite Hotel, however you still can make your reservation through this number. I have lost the restaurant manger ‘s contact. Do take note that when you are booking through this number, please mention that you are booking for Maio Italian, becos there is another Maio Mediterranean restaurant inside M Suite Hotel)
Operating Hours:
Lunch: 11.00am – 2.30pm ( They have lunch set as well, which price ranged from RM 40++ to RM 60 or 70++, cant really recall)
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Closed: Mondays
Food is our common ground.    – Let’s screw diet temporary first! hahaha!
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Escape 8 @ Sutera, JB

Curious about the very popular escape game in town, curious about whether we are at least a bit smart, curious about the feel of escaping.. so out of one boring weekends, my friends and I went to one of the nearest escape game in JB to search for some fun.

Escape 8: 5b, Jalan Tanjung 8/3, Sutera. (Which is somewhere opposite Warakayu Japanese Restaurant 《和乐屋》).

Escape 8 has two levels of difficulties for two themed rooms, the easier one is warehouse theme, the harder one is prison break theme. Sounds interesting right? Haha!

We chose the warehouse theme for our first time trying. The game duration is 45 minutes, if you cant get out of the room by 45 minutes, you lose the game. If you are able to come out in time but anyone of team members are left behind, you lose the game. You wanna win the game, your whole team must come out in time.

Our eyes were covered before moving into the room, when you can see nothing, you get quite freaked out about what is going to happen. We were chained at different corners in the room and only allowed to take off the eye cover once the game is announced to start. Frankly speaking, we were quite disappointed once we opened our eyes and saw the room. The decoration is just too simple, like a normal messy room with some wooden cartons, some shelves… Anyway since we were already in the game, we wanna get out of this place in time. We thought it would be too simple to find clues in the room to unchain ourselves and unlock the doors, we thought we can get out this place fast. However, it took us about 40 minutes to get out.. awww! The time flew when we were scratching our heads on where the clues are and how to get the passwords out of the clues.

Anyway, it is kinda fun!

Escape 1

There are a lot of plush toys there…

Cigarettes, alcohol and teddy bears are always girls’ favourite! :p

Escape 2

Ice….I wanna escape! :p 

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Dim Sum @ Nusajaya, Johor Bahru

New place for dim sum in Nusajaya!

Very OK restaurant (真味点心之家)is located at 2 jalan hijauan 4 horizon hills, 79100 nusa jaya.  

This place can be easily found, it is just opposite the Fairview condominium, and near the chinese primary school in Horizon Hills.


Compared to other dim sum restaurants nearby this area, I consider this is the best dim sum around the area. A lot of varieties, dim sum taste comparatively good! As this is the corner shop, the place is very spacious. However, you still might need to queue on weekend mornings! By the way, I have no idea why but the place is quite windy. It is kind of relaxing while you are enjoying the full table of food with the breezy sunshine weather. (I love to go this place after a morning swim on the weekends, and it make you feel like “happiness can just be so simple” :p)


I was planning to take some nice photos of the dim sum to share…but we were to hungry and just could not stand the fragrance of the dim sum…so this is the only photo we had taken this time when the food was going to finished  -_-” Oops… a very messy table..


I would seriously like to recommend the yong tau foo, not really tau foo, but brinjals, ladyfingers stuffed with fishcake (酿茄子、酿羊角豆). Fried wanton (the prawn inside is big), steamed pork rib, carrot cake, braised chicken feet… all are quite delicious. However, the chee cheong fun (猪肠粉)did not taste good because the chee cheong fun is too soft, no texture. I would  also suggest to try the fried chicken wings (南乳炸鸡) cos I really like it! Haha! Another one is the glutinous rice steamed in lotus leaf (荷叶饭), I love the fragrance of the lotus leaf. I would suggest to order only one to share with your family or friends as the portion is quite big and loaded with fillings such as chicken meat, sausage, peanuts, mushrooms.

One thing to note, the serving of the dim sum is by order, not like the typical dim sum restaurant where you can pick the dim sum you want from a trolley cart. The serving of the food might take some time after you place your order.

So, just slow down your pace and enjoy eating slowly there. No rush!  Lol!


Yan. Olivia Ice ~ “Just love to eat”


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