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Bangkok Trip @ Thailand

Just browsing thru my old photos which those can remind me that my life is always full of fun!

So here is the throwback of my bangkok trip, well…although it was mainly served as a shopping trip! wahaha!

I will share our trip itinerary in this blog which is able to give you some clues on where you might wanna go for your trip!!!!

P/S: we din go for Thai girl show…cos we were all so innocent and felt that the show is quite gross…(better to say that we had no courage to watch at all)

This is a very detailed itinerary, so that we could fully utilize the 4 days 3 nights there to shop!!!!

Day 1  (Saturday)
4.05pm Arrive at Bangkok-Don Mueang Airport (DMK)
4.45pm Shutte by The Nook Hotel 
  Address: 5 Petchaburi Road Soi 13 Ratchathewee Bangkok 10400 Thailand
  (THB 1,200, distance: 17.2km) 
5.30pm Check-in Hotel and rest
5.45pm Platinum Fashion Mall (10am-9pm)/ Pratunam Night Market
  From hotel
  Address: 222 (Pratunam) Phetchaburi Road, Bangkok
  By car: 1.4km, 5mins. Walking: 1.3km, 15mins
6.30pm Back to hotel (Shower & Dress Up)
7.15pm Dinner  
  Baiyoke Sky Hotel (76th & 78th Floor Revolving Restaurant)
  (2 hours for eating, reserved 5 pax @ THB 3850)
  Address: 222 Soi Ratchaprarop 3, Ratchaprarop Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
  From hotel
  Walking Distance: 500m, 7mins
10.30pm Pratunam Night Market (24 hours, retail shops : 9am-10pm) 
  From Platinum Fashion Mall
  Walking Distance: 600m, 8mins 
12.00am Go back hotel and rest
  From Pratunam Night Market
  Walking Distance: 350m, 5mins 
Day 2 ( Sunday)
8.30am  Breakfast  
  Kuan Heng Kaiton (Chicken Rice)
  Address: Petchburi Soi 30. Close to the intersection with Ratchaprarop
  Walking Distance: 550m, 2mins
9.30am  Chatuchak Weekend Market (6am-6pm)
  From Pratunam
  By car: 12km, 15mins (THB 80-100)
12.00pm Lunch in Chatuchak
5.00pm MBK/ Siam Paragon 
  From Chatuchak Weekend Market
  By car: 9.5km, 15mins (THB 70-95)
8.00pm Dinner  
  Ban Khun Mae (Thai Restaurant) 
  From Siam Paragon
  Address: 458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 Road, Patumwan District, Bangkok 10330
  Walking Distance: 260m, 3mins
9.30pm Khao San Road
  From Ban Khun Mae
  By car: 6.5km, 15mins
11.00pm Back to Hotel and rest
Day 3 (Monday)
6.30am Half Day Package – Pick Up at Hotel
8.00am Damon Saduak Floating Market (100km)
  Elephant Camp
  Maeklong Railway Market (81.3km from Pratunam)
1.30pm Back to Bangkok (Khao San Road)
  Lunch & Shopping  @ Yaowarat (Chinatown)
  From Khao San Road
  By car: 3.4km, 10mins
4.30pm Shopping at Central World Plaza
  From Yaowarat (Chinatown)
  Address: Pathum Wan
จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร
+66 2 252 3647
  By car: 5.4km, 15mins
6.30pm Dinner @ Central World Plaza – MK Steamboat  
8.30pm Khaosan Road / Thai Girl Show
Day 4 (Tuesday)
8.30am Breakfast @ Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles
  Address: Soi Phetchaburi 19, Pratunam, Bangkok 
  Walking Distance: 600m, 10 mins
9.30am Grand Palace Phra Nakho (Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wan, 8.30am-3.30pm)
  From Pratunam
  By car: 5.6km, 15mins
11.00am Temple Visit (Loha Prasat/ Wat Ratchanaddaram, 8.30am-6pm) 
  From Grand Palace
  By car: 2.1km, 8mins
1.00pm Free & Easy – Lunch & Shopping
4.00pm Reach DMK Airport & have dinner at airport
6.25pm Depart from DMK Airport
Baiyoke hotel Bangkok

@ Top floor of Baiyoke Hotel Where you can see the whole night view of Bangkok

Baiyoke Hotel Buffet

International buffet dinner @ Baiyoke Hotel – 76th & 78th Floor Revolving Restaurant

Remember to call for reservation before you are there. It is always either long queue or full!

Ban Khun Mae Restaurant Bangkok

Traditional Thai Food @ Ban Khun Mae Restaurant -Pandan Chicken, Seafood Tomyum Gong, Pineapple Fried Rice, Thai Green Curry, Pad Thai, Tub Tim Grob, etc….

Because this restaurant is considered a famous and high end restaurant, thus the price is higher than others. No matter which Thai restaurants I go, I love to order Tub Tim Grob which is the dessert which some call, rubies in coconut milk. It is actually water chestnuts in coconut milk! Rich, sweet and crunchy!!!!

Coconut Ice cream

Coconut Ice Cream @ Chatuchuk Market

A must try thing in Chatuchuk! It was so hot shopping and walking around the huge Chatuchuk market, a cold coconut ice cream with dried mango topping would cool you down!!!!

P/s: Chatuchuk market only open on weekends- Saturdays and Sundays!

Pork Burger MCd

Samurai Pork Burger @ McD -which you cant get it in Malaysia and SIngapore

Maeklong Railway Market

Maeklong Railway Market where the train will pass by a daily market

I have lost the photos for Damon Saduak Floating Market!!! It is a place worth going! You will be taking a “sampan” or speedboat travelling along a river market, where you can buy things such as food or drinks from another boat. There are a lot of floating souvenir shops along the river as well. You may ask ur boatman to stop by if you spot something you would like to buy.

Picture 382_副本

Grand Palace Phra Nakho

Visitors must be properly dressed before being allowed entry to the temple. Men must wear long pants and shirts with sleeves — no tank tops. If you’re wearing sandals or flip-flops you must wear socks (in other words, no bare feet.) Women must be similarly modestly dressed. No see-through clothes, bare shoulders, etc. If you show up at the front gate improperly dressed, there is a booth near the entry that can provide clothes to cover you up properly. You must leave your passport or credit card as security.

Platinum Mall, Pratunam Night Market and Chatuchuk are very good for shopping places especially for getting cheap but nice clothes!!!! They are the MUST GO shopping places in Bangkok!


We create our own memories~   and lotsa love!   ………Ice


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Sibu Island @ Johor, Malaysia

I love to go islands!!! I love the sun, love the blue blue skies!

Love the breeze, love the sound of the waves!


This time I went to Sibu Island at Johor. This short trip was a weekend getaway for me and my friends! We would like to have a really peaceful weekend and just to relax, do nothing and to be free! away from the world!

SOoooo, since I was the organizer and everyone was just easy, I got to choose the resort!

Normally, people will choose to stay at Sibu Island Resort, but in the end I found this simple, very raw-look resort to stay!

Rimba Resort

Why? First, becos I dinwanna go places that are very commercialized. Second, I saw this on their website:

The bar is open until the last guest goes to bed – wheelbarrow taxi’s available!

Wow! “Wheelbarrow taxi” idea is just too cool! Hahaha! I was really attracted by this very simple and south-east asian kind of style of the place! All the buildings there are made of what we called “atap” leaves and bamboos! My very personal preference for holidays!

Rimba Resort Bar

Night look of the bar


Day look of the bar


Interior of the bar

The bar is open from morning until night! Whole-day long! As you can see from the pictures above, the bar is a very relaxing and comfortable place and this was where we hang out most of our time during our stay at Sibu Island. There are bean bags, floor cushions and normal chairs all around. You can stand to drink, you can sit to drink or you can lie down to drink! We had our breakfast with healthy fruit juice there~ With the hot sunny afternoon and evening, we had our cold beers there. and we ended our nights there with card games and wines! Best weekend getaway ever!

Well, other than the bar. I chose this resort becos of the open-concept of its chalet!

The Chalet we stayed @ RImba Resort

Chalet @Rimba Resort


Why do I say open-concept? There are doors and windows…but no lock. The doors and windows basically are only covered by curtains. Anyone on the island can walk into your chalet anytime and same goes for the toilets! But somehow it is quite safe cos not many people on the island other than the resort workers and a few guests. The toilet is not fully covered up to ceiling so you might be able to enjoy some outside views while using the toilet or showering. The first day afternoon when we just arrived, there was snake hanging out at the roof at our toilet! Scary right? Haha! This place is still so natural!Let’s just be close to the nature!

DO TAKE NOTE that all resort workers are foreigners, they are from all over the world such as Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, so you have to be able to communicate in English to get proper service! During our stay, we are the only group of Asians, other guests are tourists from UK, Denmark and etc.

sibu island

Beach @ Rimba Resort, Sibu Island

We were lucky that the three days during our trips were all sunny days, be more specific, crazy hot sunny days!

I felt that the temperature there might be around 40 degree Celsius (just my estimation), so do rmb to bring sunblocks there! Although it was so hot, but I did really enjoy the sun and super nice blue sky!

Sunny sibu islandSibu Rimba Resort

We literally did nothing there, no alarm clock to wake us up in the morning. There is no need to think what to do next and rush to do. We just wandered around, read some books, chit chat, went to the beach….We once cracked our head to think of what to do there and in the end, the conclusion is DOING NOTHING. A break from all the things to do.

IMG_5992_副本Sibu Island Msia

Another thing I like this resort, there are books available to read. You can bring your own book there to read, once you finished reading your book, you can leave it there for the future guests to read. If you take a book from the resort and unable to finish it during your stay, you can take the book with you! The joy of sharing~

Sibu Island Msia

Me drinking beer in the evening~ our routine activity during the stay!


Aaahhh!!! Coconut tree is falling down~ falling down~


Jeremy with Sharky dog!!! Nice weather!

sibu island

I love this photo so much! It feels like some commercial shooting though! I am gonna give it a caption of “Looking to the sun, Looking forward to the future!” (Im so lame -_-“) Photo credit: Jeremy


A group photo! We were trying to pose like the movie poster of “那些年我们一起追的女孩“ (You are the Apple of my Eye) ^^


Our dinner for the last night stay: appetizer and main course

Love the purplish sky at the dusk! Quite romantic right when blue sky becoming purple!

dawn @sibu IMG_5955_副本  IMG_5970_副本

You can find more information on their website: 

or their facebook:


Life is too short to worry, too long to wait……..Ice

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Seafood Feast @ Pengerang Johor

If you love lobsters, Pengerang is the place to go!

Had been to these place for quite some time ago, they serve very fresh and tasty lobsters and of cos, other seafood dishes! The lobsters are fresh, and cooked in many various ways, deep-fried, stir-fried, steam…no matter how the cooking method is, the flesh of lobster is very succulent and tasty. 

(1) Jade Garden Seafood Restaurant (翡翠园海鲜酒家)

Address: 54 Jalan Kerisi Sungai Rengit81620 PengerangJohor

(2) Good Luck Seafood Restaurant (泗湾幸运海鲜酒楼)

Address: 86, Jalan Telok Ramunia, Sungai Rengit, Pengerang, Johor.  Tel: 013-7753555

The dishes offered by these two restaurants are comparably similar. The environment and setting of the restaurants are slightly different. Jade Garden has a large parking space opposite its restaurant, they have more staff to serve customers (although during peak hours, they are still unable to cope with the huge in flow of customers), they have divider which can separate a private area for customers upon request), the shop floor is big. Good Luck looks like a normal kopitiam, not many staff to serve customers, no extra parking space. Both restaurants open for lunch and dinner. The food served by both restaurants are equivalently nice. However my personal opinion is that the price is slightly cheaper in Good Luck Seafood Restaurant. Both restaurants are super crowded during weekends, especially for lunch,  do expect it will be very hard to find a parking for your car and be prepared it’s gonna take you to wait for 1 hr or even more to just get a table to sit down.

Picture 220_副本_副本


1) Stir-fried Lala (Clams) with dried chili and spring onion. Very tasty and a bit spicy, smells good! Yet, I still prefer steam or cook Lala with a lil bit of HuaDiao Wine (Cooking wine which made of rice). The soup of steamed/cooked Lala is superb with a combination of the sweetness and freshness of the Lala, ginger and wine. I just cant help drinking until the bowl is empty.

2) Chili crab, remember to order some deep-friend bun(man tou, 馒头). The sauce of chili crab best matched with the deep-fried bun, just imagine when the bun fully absorb the aromatic, delicious sauce…~yummy!

3) Yam paste with pumpkin. This is my favourite for all the time! It is a traditional Teochew dessert, because the cooking process is quite time-consuming and troublesome, it is hard to find restaurants selling this dish nowadays. So happy to find it on the menu of Jade Garden!


Here comes the main attraction of Pengerang, lobsters! Some people like to order deep dried-lobsters with cereal, or stir-fried. I would strongly recommend not to try those first, cos the best and most famous lobster dish in Pengerang is this- cooked in thick stock (上汤龙虾). The sauce is a lil bit creamy, with a bit of herbal taste. All the seasoning tastes light, so that you can taste the freshness of the lobsters. Best lobster dish that I have ever had!


Picture 208_副本Good food is my only indulgence…hahaha!

As there is quite a distance between Johor Bahru and Pengerang, this can be a whole day relaxing trip rather than a mere food trip, Desaru is just nearby, next to Pengerang!

Picture 233_副本

It was a sunny morning. A trip full of sunshine!!!! This is one of the bridge on Senai-Desaru highway.

Picture 238_副本

It was about evening time after eating, the Desaru beach was full of people. There were people and kids playing kites, BBQ and picnic. It was very windy with sea breeze! blue blue sky with a lot of laughter!

Everybody deserves such a good weekend!


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