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Chicken Up @ Holiday Villa, JB

Everyone is crazy for korean fried chicken in jB, Chicken Up is one of the hottest restaurant in JB for Korean fried chicken. You need to queue for quite a while especially during lunch and dinner time. (Im so hungry right now, damn)

Chicken up is attached to the building of Holiday Villa Hotel. It is at the first floor, ground floor is some indian restaurant. Where is Holiday Villa? It is jut behind KSL shopping mall, diagonal to Holiday Plaza.



It was very packed during dinner.



Left: Crispy Up Mega Chic   (RM 26.90)      Right: Spicy Yangyum Mega Chic (RM 28.90)

Crispy Up Mega Chic is the original flavour, not much special. Spicy Yangyum is cooked with korean hot sauce, thumbs up! when having the first piece, it was not that spicy, you will know how spicy it is for the second one and onwards! There are altogether four flavours of the korean fried chicken, there are soy sauce flavour and one more is less spicy flavour. They also have menu for fried chicken wings only, rather than the half chicken. They do provide plastic gloves for customers who would like to use theirs hands to eat the fried chicken and they place a little dustbin for customers to throw the chicken bones, so the table wont be so messy.



Ugly Tang Stew (RM 38.00)

Ugly Tang Stew is wat we like to call 部队锅. It is made of kimchi soup, ham, smoked duck, sausages, mushrooms and noodles. Nice, really love the flavourful kimchi soup.

The small red “sauce” is not chili sauce! well, although they really look like chili sauce in the picture, they are not!


Watermelon Soju (RM 48.00)

Dang Dang! The must try in Chicken Up is the watermelon soju, fresh watermelon juice with soju served in an empty watermelon shell. Did not know that soju can match with watermelon so well, ice cold sweet watermelon juice with slightly bitter soju, refreshing! They also have peach soju, pear soju and pineapple soju.

I am gonna make this watermelon soju at home next time, hehe!



Topokki Cheese and Seafood (RM 28.90)

Super cheesy topokki! Normally the topokki (korean rice cake) we have in korean bbq restaurant is more to sweet and spicy. This cheesy, stringy topokki is more to spicy and salty, Inside there are squid, prawns, mussels, alot of vermicelli, topokki! Anyway, I still have preference on the traditional topokki served in the other korean bbq restaurants, because this dish is abit too salty for me due to the amount of cheese inside.

If you love very cheesy, stringy sauce, it will be a good choice.



Address: First Floor, Unit 14 & 15, 

                  260, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad,

                   80250 Johor Baru.

Tel: 07-2660902

Operating Hours: 12pm-12am daily



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HAVN Restaurant & Bar @ Kulai, Johor

HAVN Restaurant & Bar is located at Kulai, it is renovated from a detached factory thus the restaurant is very spacious inside. Heard from my fren that HAVN is danish which means “Harbour”, the pronunciation is similar to “half”.

A nice place to hang out with friends for gathering or some tea or coffee, or some beer at night.  The big space and sufficient tables which cater big capacity will make you feel very comfortable even when there are a lot of ppl in the restaurant.


The exterior look of HAVN restaurant and bar.



Interior of HAVN (Downstairs, only 2/3 of downstairs)



Interior of HAVN (Upstairs)

They have a patio for outdoor dining as well. The place is so huge that it is sufficient for holding huge private event.



Bar and Juice Counter

HAVN serves a very typical menu of western food. I think most of the food eg. something to share, burger and pizza will go well with beer in a lovely evening, so probably I should drop by for a beer in the evening next time.


Food Menu



Drink Menu



Eight Secret from the Far East Tea & Cranberry Walnut Cake  (photo credit: my lovely BFF)

The tea is a mix flavour of fruity, tinge of bitterness, tinge of sourness, some flower frangrace, well a very exotic tea. Haha! That really depends on individual taste bud whether you will like it, but we kind of like it. The cake is not in the menu, but you can hand pick it near the bar counter.


The Cranberry Walnut Cake is good, the texture is firm. Fruity cranberry flavour with crunchy walnut is one good combination. Most importantly, it is not too sweet, just nice!


IMG_2532_副本  IMG_2535_副本


Carbonara is one of my favourite pasta (most frequently-ordered pasta whenever I go, so I can guess it can be considered as “favourite, lol!) However the carbonara here is disappointing, it was not so creamy, but watery and flavour was diluted. And I dun really like the sprinkle of cauliflower on top. After finishing my carbonara, there was still a pool of sauce in the plate.


IMG_2533_副本  IMG_2534_副本

Seafood Bake Rice

Seafood including clams, prawns, squid and etc, the rice is baked with Neapolitan sauce with cheese on top. The sauce is heavy-flavoured, quite salty. As you can see from the picture the rice was drenched in the sauce, thus this dish is disappointing too, it was too salty.



Grilled Chicken Chop (with Black Pepper Sauce)

As from the picture the chicken chop might appear to be abit too dry and hard, but in fact it is just nice. The purple cabbage salad was good. The grilled chicken chop was just an average on cafe standard.

Last but not least, my friend said the pizza there was not bad, so probably worth a try. Anyway this place is still new, they are still improving, the food might get better in the future.

Address: No 8, Jalan SME 1 Kawasan Perindustrian SME, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia. 

Operating hours: 12pm-1am Daily

Tel: +60 7-660 8126


Ice~ miaow miaow~

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Cats Cafe. Cats at their Sanctuary @ JB Town

This is a place where all cat lovers will love!  The Cats.Cafe!

(Well, im not a cat lover, but i love all small furry animals ^^)

This is a cafe where the cats are able to move around freely, you can touch and pat the cats while eating, having high tea and chit chatting with friends! (They have house rules to protect the cats, such as  you cant frighten the cats, cant chase the cats and etc. They will give you the house rules once you are seated). My friends and I gave it a nickname, the miaow miaow cafe. haha!


The cafe is a single-storey bungalow house. (It is a bit hard to find becos it is hiding in housing area)


IMG_20151110_131236_副本IMG_20151110_131246_副本 IMG_20151110_131252_副本 IMG_20151110_131255_副本 IMG_20151110_131308_副本 IMG_20151110_131321_副本


The menu of Cats Cafe. The cafe serves a variety of western food. The food tastes generally good. Since there are currently so many cafes in Johor Bahru, and most of them serve western food with very standard and similar taste. If others considered as average, then I would rate Cats Cafe’s food as slightly above average which means it tastes slightly better and different from the other “general & popular” cafes in Johor Bahru.

The price is on average side for cafes. When I first saw the price for platters i was shocked but the portion of the platter is for 3 to 4 servings.



This is their Signature Tokyo Chicken Chop. I like the sauce, it is sweet but not too sweet, match just well with the grilled chicken chop and my favourite, mashed potato! (apparently something different from the chicken chop offered in other cafes, provided you love sweet stuff).


IMG_20151110_132321_副本  IMG_20151110_140029_副本 IMG_20151110_131738_副本IMG_20151110_131856_副本IMG_20151110_140036_副本

Cats are everywhere in the cafes. You can pat them sayang them if you would like to…and if the cats would allow you to pat them…(u know cats right? hahaha!)


Address: 31A, Jalan Abdul Samad & Lorong 2c, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Tel: +60 7-207 0399

Operating Hours: 1pm – 9.30pm daily, closed on Wednesdays.


There is no sincerer love than the love of food.  ❤


Olivia ice

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By Grace Dessert @ Tmn Pelangi, JB

This time I wanna recommend my all time favourite dessert house- By Grace!

This is so far the only dessert house that I will visit repeatedly in JB (except those traditional chinese dessert shops).

The decoration and atmosphere of the shop is very homey, cosy and comfortable. The shop owner has one small corner for their collection of dolls and small toys from their travelling! The desserts here are very special, however a lil bit pricey ^^

The desserts are all house-made, the typical dessert here comes in a set: one scoop of house-made icy cold ice cream and once melting hot lava cake. Take bit of the ice cream and bit of the lava cake, put them together into your mouth! Imagine how the different texture and different temperature of food merging in your mouth. Savour the sweet, cold and warm at the same time!

There are many different favours offered in the menu! It was offered in set which was designed to be matched for the best taste, one ice cream and one lava cake.

By Grace Dessert

The day’s special dish: red date ice cream and lava cake (forgot the flavour of the lava cake)

By Grace dessert

The special dessert platter with different flavours which costs RM 100++.

The serving of the dessert platter is very special too! It was served on a transparent acrylic board!

( Do you see the blue ice cream? It is sea salt ice cream and it is really salty! Imagine the taste of cold salty ice cream with melting hot creamy lava cake!)

By Grace dessert

Some other desserts with ice creams!

By Grace Main CourseBy Grace Main Course

They also offer some main courses like egg benedict and chinese braised pork meat with bun (扣肉包)with wild rocket!


This is a very lovely hangout place of mine and my friends, because of good food and cozy atmosphere!


Address: 93, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi

Tel: 07-3337773

Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 6.30pm-1am


Laughter is brightest where food is best  – – – – Olive


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Warakuya Japanese Restaurant 和乐屋 @ JB

I am a frequent customer to Warakuya Japanese Restaurant (和乐屋). Few years ago it was a small restaurant at Pelangi, today it has its branch at sutera. Another new branch is going to be open at Austin.

Love to have lunch or dinner with friends there not just because the food is nice, the atmosphere is good. However, I prefer early reservation due to sometimes, really have to queue for quite some time outside especially during dinner time at the Sutera branch!

Warakuya Jap Food

They serve hot towel once you sit down at your table. I really appreciate this extra service! Although it is just something small or unimportant, but this hot towel and hot green tea really make me refreshed. Feel that all that tiredness and unpleasant emotions at work are all gone!


Classic sushi at Warakuya! Cheese and Prawn, Duck and Mango, mentai salmon (forgot whether it is salmon or other ingredient), haha! ^0^

sakae clams

I order this dish everytime I go Warakuya. Steamed clams with wine, erm~ super delicious! (But sometimes it is out of stock if I go too late T^T)

salmon sashimi

Salmon Sashimi! (but I dun like wasabi >_<)


One of the random photos with my family on  a weekend! ❤ love!

Warakuya (和乐屋) Address: 

1) Pelangi Branch: 43, Jalan Kuning 2, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru

Tel: 07- 332 0789 / 016 – 7778234

2) Sutera Branch:  2, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300, Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.

Tel: +60 7 332 0789 / +60 16 777 8234

3) Austin Branch: To be open. Near Sunway College, it is along the main road. new shops opposite “one two eat” Cafe.

Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 11.30am to 11pm


Started to think that “Slim Down” will be just a dream of mine *sob*  ~Olive

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Balcony@Bukit Indah

I am just a greedy food lover! I do not mind to travel a bit further, or maybe 2 hours to find some good food to eat!

I love expensive food, yet I love cheap but nice food too! The restaurants, pubs, cafes in Johor Bahru are like bamboo shoots after raining, getting more and more, and there are more varieties too! I have been to one at Bukit Indah. The bar and restaurant called Balcony, it is just next to Setia Sales Office, opposite Tesco.

I have met a chef, last time he used to be a manager in a restaurant at AeON Tebrau called Flinstone. I used to work there as a “bartender” there for making juices and coffee after graduation from high school. It was a very interesting experience of working there, staff were friendly, the manger sometimes cooked steak for me. haha! It was fun to stay outside with a bunch of friends too, we would go to Permas Jaya to eat Lok Lok and the super spicy grilled chicken. After eating the chicken, we had to order 3 cups of water each to cool down the spicy taste in mouth! That bunch of friends always laughed at me that my bf (at that time) tattooed a bird for me on his arm…well, my last name meant “swallow”..and so he wanted to tattooed it for me without my approval. My friends said that normally tattoo your gd/bf name, the relationship would never last long. And yea, it has been proven to be true.

Ok, enough of old story.

the beer variety is really little at Balcony@ Bukit Indah, only tiger, heineken and maybe carlsberg and a few more. One thing to note is that the food was out of my expectation. There are many western restaurant or cafe which serve western food, but most of the time, the food they serve are not so nice and sometimes taste and look like hong kong cafe or fast food style. Although the food in Balcony may not be as good as Chef Papaz, it still stands out from the others.

Medium cooked beef steak, which was very fresh and juicy! My favourite there, so I highly recommend this dish! For steak, I think the freshness of the beef is very important! While the pork knuckle was a bit hard but crispy!


Fried house-made pork meatballs, the meatballs tasted generally good. The best part was the chili sauce that came together with the meatballs, impressive chili sauce! Hahaha! The other dish is the sauteed potatoes which was just so so.


Spaghetti Marinara, another delicious dish there. I do not like to eat spaghetti which soaked into tomato sauce, which always taste only sour and salty. This dish was with just enough sauce, the prawns and mussels were very fresh too. Btw, the carbonara there was quite creamy and cheesy. Some people like it, some don’t.

Overall, it is a pleasant place to have dinner at! Ample parking space, less crowd, relaxing atmosphere!

Address: Wisma S P Setia, Jalan Indah 15, Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru, Johor.

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