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Spice Grill @ Puteri Harbour

Puteri Harbour is one of the good place for an evening stroll where you can see the sea (more like a small lake) and yachts (actually it is more windy in the afternoon but the weather is just too hot!)

Spice Grill is located at the Little Red Cube at Puteri Harbour. It serves two types of menus, Indian and Western. It is more known of its Indian cuisine, however, some of the western dishes are considered above average as well.



Normally when we have Indian food anywhere, Indian restaurants will serve Papadam (a kind of cracker ) after placing your order and before your meal is served. Papadam can be a lil bit too salty, but I still love it as a snack before meal. So we only ordered two Indian dishes, Butter Chicken Masala and Lamb Masala (Lal Maas). Butter Chicken is my favourite Indian dish no matter which Indian restaurant I go, I will order this dish. Butter Chicken tastes sweet, mild spicy and with special aroma of butter, coconut milk and spices. The Lal Maas here is good too, shredded lamb with very yummy and slightly spicy masala. We have cheese naan (naan, oven-baked flatbread) and steam Basmathi rice to eat with the butter chicken and lamb masala. Heavenly delicious and very satisfying!



Garlic Cheese Prawns, this dish was recommended by the staff. the prawn is almost the size of my palm, the size makes you feel very satisfied with one bite of prawn which can stuff your mouth full. The sauce is just nice, not too cheesy. A good combination, love this too!



Seafood Aglio Olio is of average restaurant standard. Considered not bad.



I love their cod fish much! Succulent, juicy, nicely cooked with chef’s special sauce. The sauce tastes slightly sweet and spicy but not too strong that you can still taste the freshness of the cod fish. Thumbs up for the cod fish! Maybe for guys, the portion might be slightly small. For girls, the dish might be just enough and slightly filling.



This platter is called Thrill that allows you to try different meats in a plate. Sharing by two girls will be just nice.

  • Prawn cooked with herbs: Dun really like it, I will recommend garlic cheese prawn if you wanna eat the prawns here.
  • Lamb rib: Dun really like the sauce and I dunno how to describe the sauce
  • Chicken Corden Bleu: Average
  • Grilled Vege: Average
  • Cod Fish: Good
  • Mashed Potato: I am a potato lover, so as long as the mashed potato taste normal, I will still love it.


In the end, although not every dish suits my taste bud, there are still some good dishes worth trying! And maybe those doesnt suit my taste bud one, will suit yours.

Last but not least, maybe you would like to make a reservation before you go.

Address and phone is in the following receipt. Maybe you would like to know the price before you visit the restaurant, as Spice Grill is quite a premium restaurant. you can refer to the receipt to have an estimation.




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潮苑点心 chaw yuan dimsum@ Nusa Bestari

Another good dimsum restaurant at Nusajaya!
They not only provide dim sum but also other chinese food and seafood.
Open: Dim Sum: 7.30am – 5.30pm Seafood: 11.00am – 2.30pm; 6.00pm – 10.30pm Closed on Wednesday except Public Holiday


In my opinion, this is d most special dim sum here. 芋头流沙包 (yam paste bun), I can barely find this in other places. They also serves the 黄金流沙包 (salted egg yolk paste bun). These two are “lava” bun, Be careful when you are eating, it is burning hot lava flowing out. :p


There are quite a variety of dim sum there too. Steamed ones, fried ones, carrot cakes and all (typical varieties available at dim sum restaurant).
(oops! the xiao long bao was 3 per serving, haha! someone was too hungry n stole it)
Generally the dim sum here taste above average. Worth for trying and worth for going again (well, I myself have been visiting for many times)
Restoran Chaw Yuan (潮苑餐厅)
Address: No. 1, Jalan Jati 2, Taman Nusa Bestari Jaya, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia


 Open: Dim Sum: 7.30am – 5.30pm Seafood: 11.00am – 2.30pm; 6.00pm – 10.30pm Closed on Wednesday except Public Holiday
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Dim Sum @ Nusajaya, Johor Bahru

New place for dim sum in Nusajaya!

Very OK restaurant (真味点心之家)is located at 2 jalan hijauan 4 horizon hills, 79100 nusa jaya.  

This place can be easily found, it is just opposite the Fairview condominium, and near the chinese primary school in Horizon Hills.


Compared to other dim sum restaurants nearby this area, I consider this is the best dim sum around the area. A lot of varieties, dim sum taste comparatively good! As this is the corner shop, the place is very spacious. However, you still might need to queue on weekend mornings! By the way, I have no idea why but the place is quite windy. It is kind of relaxing while you are enjoying the full table of food with the breezy sunshine weather. (I love to go this place after a morning swim on the weekends, and it make you feel like “happiness can just be so simple” :p)


I was planning to take some nice photos of the dim sum to share…but we were to hungry and just could not stand the fragrance of the dim sum…so this is the only photo we had taken this time when the food was going to finished  -_-” Oops… a very messy table..


I would seriously like to recommend the yong tau foo, not really tau foo, but brinjals, ladyfingers stuffed with fishcake (酿茄子、酿羊角豆). Fried wanton (the prawn inside is big), steamed pork rib, carrot cake, braised chicken feet… all are quite delicious. However, the chee cheong fun (猪肠粉)did not taste good because the chee cheong fun is too soft, no texture. I would  also suggest to try the fried chicken wings (南乳炸鸡) cos I really like it! Haha! Another one is the glutinous rice steamed in lotus leaf (荷叶饭), I love the fragrance of the lotus leaf. I would suggest to order only one to share with your family or friends as the portion is quite big and loaded with fillings such as chicken meat, sausage, peanuts, mushrooms.

One thing to note, the serving of the dim sum is by order, not like the typical dim sum restaurant where you can pick the dim sum you want from a trolley cart. The serving of the food might take some time after you place your order.

So, just slow down your pace and enjoy eating slowly there. No rush!  Lol!


Yan. Olivia Ice ~ “Just love to eat”


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