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Cats Cafe. Cats at their Sanctuary @ JB Town

This is a place where all cat lovers will love!  The Cats.Cafe!

(Well, im not a cat lover, but i love all small furry animals ^^)

This is a cafe where the cats are able to move around freely, you can touch and pat the cats while eating, having high tea and chit chatting with friends! (They have house rules to protect the cats, such as  you cant frighten the cats, cant chase the cats and etc. They will give you the house rules once you are seated). My friends and I gave it a nickname, the miaow miaow cafe. haha!


The cafe is a single-storey bungalow house. (It is a bit hard to find becos it is hiding in housing area)


IMG_20151110_131236_副本IMG_20151110_131246_副本 IMG_20151110_131252_副本 IMG_20151110_131255_副本 IMG_20151110_131308_副本 IMG_20151110_131321_副本


The menu of Cats Cafe. The cafe serves a variety of western food. The food tastes generally good. Since there are currently so many cafes in Johor Bahru, and most of them serve western food with very standard and similar taste. If others considered as average, then I would rate Cats Cafe’s food as slightly above average which means it tastes slightly better and different from the other “general & popular” cafes in Johor Bahru.

The price is on average side for cafes. When I first saw the price for platters i was shocked but the portion of the platter is for 3 to 4 servings.



This is their Signature Tokyo Chicken Chop. I like the sauce, it is sweet but not too sweet, match just well with the grilled chicken chop and my favourite, mashed potato! (apparently something different from the chicken chop offered in other cafes, provided you love sweet stuff).


IMG_20151110_132321_副本  IMG_20151110_140029_副本 IMG_20151110_131738_副本IMG_20151110_131856_副本IMG_20151110_140036_副本

Cats are everywhere in the cafes. You can pat them sayang them if you would like to…and if the cats would allow you to pat them…(u know cats right? hahaha!)


Address: 31A, Jalan Abdul Samad & Lorong 2c, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Tel: +60 7-207 0399

Operating Hours: 1pm – 9.30pm daily, closed on Wednesdays.


There is no sincerer love than the love of food.  ❤


Olivia ice

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By Grace Dessert @ Tmn Pelangi, JB

This time I wanna recommend my all time favourite dessert house- By Grace!

This is so far the only dessert house that I will visit repeatedly in JB (except those traditional chinese dessert shops).

The decoration and atmosphere of the shop is very homey, cosy and comfortable. The shop owner has one small corner for their collection of dolls and small toys from their travelling! The desserts here are very special, however a lil bit pricey ^^

The desserts are all house-made, the typical dessert here comes in a set: one scoop of house-made icy cold ice cream and once melting hot lava cake. Take bit of the ice cream and bit of the lava cake, put them together into your mouth! Imagine how the different texture and different temperature of food merging in your mouth. Savour the sweet, cold and warm at the same time!

There are many different favours offered in the menu! It was offered in set which was designed to be matched for the best taste, one ice cream and one lava cake.

By Grace Dessert

The day’s special dish: red date ice cream and lava cake (forgot the flavour of the lava cake)

By Grace dessert

The special dessert platter with different flavours which costs RM 100++.

The serving of the dessert platter is very special too! It was served on a transparent acrylic board!

( Do you see the blue ice cream? It is sea salt ice cream and it is really salty! Imagine the taste of cold salty ice cream with melting hot creamy lava cake!)

By Grace dessert

Some other desserts with ice creams!

By Grace Main CourseBy Grace Main Course

They also offer some main courses like egg benedict and chinese braised pork meat with bun (扣肉包)with wild rocket!


This is a very lovely hangout place of mine and my friends, because of good food and cozy atmosphere!


Address: 93, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi

Tel: 07-3337773

Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 6.30pm-1am


Laughter is brightest where food is best  – – – – Olive


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Rose Latte

Rose Latte @ PassionFood Cafe

Rose Latte @ PassionFood Cafe

Love this cozy little place!

Add: 14, Jalan Perang, Taman Pelangi,Johor Bahru
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