Just one of the days, some grumbles

It has been a very long time, probably about a long 6 months that I did not come in here to update some stuff, some food. Thanks to my super hectic new job, well, I can barely breathe even at this time, I still have to monitor some production work through my company phone now becos there is some night job going on. (oh well, although production is totally not my job). At least I got some rest this past Monday due to public holiday, thanks Agung for announcing that there would be penalty if those construction companies insisted to work on that day, and I can breathe nicely without any phone calls disturbing me for a day. ( literally, I just threw the phone in the bag and nv took it out until Tuesday morning)

For the past few months, It was all about work and work and work. Phew, how come a German company nv adopt its German culture in Malaysia (other than a stockpile of reports to do T-T)? It is a 5-day work week, but my company handphone can nv ever stop ringing on Saturday and I cant claim any OT. Hey , come on, it is my rest day yo! The disadvantage of technology advancement with all the watsapp and all…

Well, I still go out and try some of the new good restaurants in Jb. It is just that I barely have time to find all the photos out, to sort it out and post it. (a bit of handphone phobia here and there too, hahaha!) Will try to post some, maybe less photos but with more words. (actually photo does not matter as long as the food is nice, hehe!)

I had a dream this morning that I was having a very delicious chicken rice with a fren just opposite my office. The portion of the chicken rice was so huge, I tried to eat and eat until i was so full and I told my fren that I couldnt take it anymore. When i turned to my fren, he was going to have one more whole roasted chicken and the whole chicken was on his plate. Then I was feeling so stuffed and walking to my office in order to go to the toilet to vomit. Oh hell, Have I been eating too much lately to have such dream????


There have been less exercise activities for me for the past 6 months? ya, crap… Becos of the hectic work life, my everyday most desirable activity is to pass through all the traffic jam and get home, get a very hot shower take a nice dinner and lie on my bed to breathe slowly (more to normally) Being very sarcastic nowadays. (seems like a good excuse for not exercising isnt it?) So, Im having a middle-age crisis right now. T-T Slower metabolism appears in my mind for like 100 times now. NOooooo! I do not want to be a fat old lady T^T I want to be the young girl who was with spark in her eyes and looking forward to everything in life lah!

Goodnight loh~~~~


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