Escape 8 @ Sutera, JB

Curious about the very popular escape game in town, curious about whether we are at least a bit smart, curious about the feel of escaping.. so out of one boring weekends, my friends and I went to one of the nearest escape game in JB to search for some fun.

Escape 8: 5b, Jalan Tanjung 8/3, Sutera. (Which is somewhere opposite Warakayu Japanese Restaurant 《和乐屋》).

Escape 8 has two levels of difficulties for two themed rooms, the easier one is warehouse theme, the harder one is prison break theme. Sounds interesting right? Haha!

We chose the warehouse theme for our first time trying. The game duration is 45 minutes, if you cant get out of the room by 45 minutes, you lose the game. If you are able to come out in time but anyone of team members are left behind, you lose the game. You wanna win the game, your whole team must come out in time.

Our eyes were covered before moving into the room, when you can see nothing, you get quite freaked out about what is going to happen. We were chained at different corners in the room and only allowed to take off the eye cover once the game is announced to start. Frankly speaking, we were quite disappointed once we opened our eyes and saw the room. The decoration is just too simple, like a normal messy room with some wooden cartons, some shelves… Anyway since we were already in the game, we wanna get out of this place in time. We thought it would be too simple to find clues in the room to unchain ourselves and unlock the doors, we thought we can get out this place fast. However, it took us about 40 minutes to get out.. awww! The time flew when we were scratching our heads on where the clues are and how to get the passwords out of the clues.

Anyway, it is kinda fun!

Escape 1

There are a lot of plush toys there…

Cigarettes, alcohol and teddy bears are always girls’ favourite! :p

Escape 2

Ice….I wanna escape! :p 

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