R.I.P My Love “Brownie”

24th May 2014 The day to be remembered, the tragic death of my brownie aka nee nee.

Accident, ran over by car.


I am sorry that I was unable to see you for the last time, unable to be present before your last breath. You passed away in pain…I could see it from the pool of blood…

I cried for you, might still be crying again and again. Thank you for your accompany for the past 4 months, for never leaving me alone. Thanks for bringing me all the joys, the troubles, the love! Sometimes I was angry at you, sometimes you were angry at me. Sometimes I ignored you, sometimes when I called you, you ignored me too. But you knew I love you, I know you love me too. But we never expected that you would be gone in a sudden, in just a second. Thank you for everything you brought to my life, thanks for saving my life, thanks for your sunshine smile, thanks for your innocent look, thanks for your hug,thanks for always being there…..

Thanks for coming into my life.

Give you all my blessings, pray that you are in a better place now.I love you.

Rest In Peace, my darling.

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