The Beginning of 2014

I was supposed to write my 2014 resolution and I had many ideas on the resolutions previously.

However until to date, half of the resolutions in my mind are gone T^T (How can it be?)

Whatever, I dont feel like writing it down anymore.


For 2014, everything starts with good things, i mean something different.

First, I applied unpaid leave for 1st Jan 2014 by ignoring my HR’s warning. My HR did not allow me to take leave and I did not care. And it was my first time to countdown in Singapore- Siloso Beach Party at Sentosa. You know what, I just wanna give myself some exciting feel on a totally new year!

Picture 037_副本 Picture 038_副本Picture 039_副本

It was said to be Asian’s largest beach party. For me, it is just so so, not that fun. One exciting thing is that most of Singaporean guys are really masculine all with six pack, hahaha! They really work out hard in gym. The reason of being not fun was that there are too many Indians and Bangladeshi. Not to discriminate them, but due to cultural differences the ways to have fun is quite different. We jumped under the water splash, jumped into swimming pool, foam pool…Foam party is not that fun too, it was too crowded at the foam pool. Drinks inside the beach party is very limited, not many choices, most of the stalls were selling carlsberg, vodka and vodka with red bull (to keep you boosted up whole night long?) Some people really got high and had sex in the pool. Free show to all the people around. Goodness!

I just love beach so much! Although overall is not that enjoying, but it was relaxing with the walking on sand and cool breeze. I am surprised that I could stay up until 5am in the morning just wandering along the beach. My stamina decreases as my age increases and I did not stay up so late for years! I was young again at that night, haha!

Picture 040_副本Morning 2014!

Stayed overnight at Hard Rock Hotel, Resort World Singapore. My first view of the Year 2014 with sleepy eyes! My room faced the pool, once I opened the door to balcony, it was like summer party with loud music! Oh god, I just love summer and beach so so much!!!!

Picture 042_副本

After back home, I received another surprise! A bouquet of roses from Long, my ex-colleague from Singapore. I am very grateful to his persistence and determination, for doing something for me for quite some time. He gives me a lot of wishes and greetings. I am blessed indeed. Because I wanted him to know that I am grateful so I posted this photo in my FB, thank you for all the blessings from my friends who commented on this photo in FB. But the current situation is that (according to what he said) He is courting me.  So, yea….that’s it. However, ever since the photo and tag came out from my FB, things are becoming complicated. My ex-manager from Singapore kinda get himself involved in this courtship thing, trying to tell me that I better stay away from Long for my own good. Well, he and him…. ahem, frankly speaking, I do not know how to comment on this.


Last but not least, still I really hope good things can come to me in this whole new year!All the fucking suckers in my previous life can disappear or vanish in the air…erm, better dont vanish in the air to cause air pollution, disappear will do. And I do believe that there is rule of justice in the nature, and justice will do the right thing for me one day. The motherfuckers will get what they deserve and the so-called retribution one day, hopefully the day will come fast. Only then they will realize how wrong they were and regret for the rest of their lives, the cost that they have to pay.


Ice.Olivia.Yan.艳. cheers for life!

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