Brooding Autumny September

September is coming to the end….

Time keeps passing by, we keep moving on.

People like passersby, they come and they leave, but leaving with traces.



I am not able to tell you the reason why I love you, but you are the reason that I don’t fall for others.



This is to push me further, push my patience further.

At first I took this job is because the development of the company and the industry is potential, and it is not fast-moving market so that I can learn to slow down my steps, and have the chance to explore more aspects of the job. Well, of course meantime, I have more time to rest to recuperate.

I have a question, when there is nothing for you to do in the office, is this your problem or boss’s problem?

 I used to search things to do myself, covered marketing, searched for competitors information, set up my department business admin from scratch (literally it is a whole new department with nothing, no track record, no system at all), tried to learn more about technical side, wrote a more detailed company profile (this company has no proper profile before), did hundreds of stupid proposals…these are all based on my own initiatives. And now or lately, I really have nothing much to do. Whole office of staff has nothing much to do. Is it my problem???

When I joined the company, I already knew it is a small company, I wanted to learn from bottom to top that is the reason I joined. Seems like I made another wrong decision in life…I have not learned the lessons from my bad experience in working in Singapore.



Heavy downpour this morning, but I didn’t sleep well.

I was so sleepy during driving, almost dozed off on the way. Met with Dr. Benjamin this morning, he is a good doctor; always give me advices and suggestions on my daily habit, daily life and work. As days pass, Dr. Benjamin becomes one of the very important persons in my life. Thank you, doc for helping me out.

That is this guy I call him “Ah Long”, he is my ex-colleague when working in Singapore. We were quite closed when I was in Singapore; he was like a little brother to me. This lil bro and PP always had endless supply of biscuits to me when I am hungry Sometimes when he asks about my appointment with doc, I will tell him the next appointment date. He reminds me the date even when I forget as the appointment is usually one month or almost two months later. I am grateful on this, if not I might miss the appointment again and end up finishing all the medicine, without medicine left for the next day.

From someday on, I couldn’t remember the day. I started to thank God for what I have owned. Thanks for everything and every people You have given to me.





I miss you badly, but you do not know that.

I want to see you and touch your face, but you are not around anymore.


There is a hole in my heart that can hardly be filled. 


Ice, waiting for the fate.

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