Moody Sunday



There was a guy, not even an acquaintance of me. I got to know this guy’s condition through one of my colleagues. He was a drug addict, He used to be a good boy, a good son, a small business holder, supposed to have a normal life. Nobody knows what caused him to become a drug addict, might be hurt from a relationship, might be influence of some bad friends… When I got to know his condition, I wanted to help. I so wanted to help as I knew if nobody going to help him, he cant save himself. I searched all the private drug re-habitations near his area, I did not search for government-rehabilitation as those are real hell on earth, people went in and might never get out.  I called up all the private ones to check all the fees and informed his family. His dad who just lost his wife, could not bear to lose his son again…decided to keep the son at his side. 

The above just happened a month ago… And I received a news on this Friday…  

He died…He used diesel to light himself with fire, burnt himself to death. When I heard the news, I pictured him burning himself, the pain and scream..(My imagination is too good which makes me too sad) 

I feel sad…for not able to save a life which I could have.







~ Ice & Olivia @ under the evening sun on Sunday

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