Sick again?!

It has been a while that I didn’t have my blog in English.

15 August 2013 (Wednesday), a cloudy morning with slight sunshine. It should be a very comfortable morning.

I fall sick again…falling sick too often, at least one month once. I start to wonder why I always fall sick and is my immune system working properly. Diarrhea, food poisoning, fever, swollen and painful gum, sore throat, cold, flu…you name it! Somebody please tell me if I am still healthy and all right.

So now, I am down with fever…but I am still working because I have no more leaves and I do not want to take MCs so often.  And one of my colleagues is complaining about office politics to me through whatsapp now. This is my third job so far, and my first time working in a small company. Only 20 over staff in the office, but the people here still like to play politics. Although they are not as cunning, not as despicable as those I used to work with. Still some of the staff here are quite annoying. Maybe this is the culture of small company, people like to get interference in everything, even things are out of their job scope their power and rights. Take an example of my colleague’s latest complaint, checking punch card should be HR’s business but the purchasing staff goes and checks other ppl’s punch card without authorization from HR. Then purchasing staff goes complaining, gossiping, arguing with HR about who’s come late and blah blah blah… Then forcing HR to issue warning letter to my colleague. This is too funny, HR now has less power than a purchasing staff on HR issue?! What the hell! This whole company is just too funny, no system at all, the management sucks and yearly turnover rate is like 40%. And amazingly, I have been surviving here for one year! Not saying I am good, but this time I learnt how to stay out of non-related-to-me office politics. I am just too lazy to care for it.


Under what circumstances will you block somebody’s call? This somebody was the closest to you, although now not anymore and this somebody just text you once in a blue moon, why block the calls?

Guess I can never understand this, because I will never do things like this. And I despise this kind of action.

想要说,我现在很积极努力寻找我的perfect one. 只是不想只坐着等他从天上掉下来,虽然该来的还是会来。如果那么想要,却只能空等,这种感觉不好。




那个 会带给我真正幸福的人,而我也会带给他幸福的人,会带给两家人幸福的人,我们一定会相遇,相知,相惜。

虽然还不知道他,在哪里? 叹气。。。

ImageFreezing Ice & Lazy Olivia @ 12.37pm 15 Aug 2013

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