A cloudy Monday morning

I din take any photo of this pleasant weather on Monday morning. It was very cooling out there and the only problem to me is the massive traffic jam which just made me late to work. 

I was clearing my hotmail… A lot of memories in there, which I could not even bear to delete them. If I lose them, I will forever lose them, losing my youth memories. Losing all the sweet memories that I have long forgotten until I saw my emails. 

They are like my blogs, when I scrolled back, I remembered who I was once. 


I am very glad that there is somebody following my blog, maybe only one but this is out of my expectation. I am grateful. 

* Thank you*


I was rather moody when I saw the photo on fb last night. Felt like things can never be the same again with the whole group of friends. Who were so caring and closed to my heart. 

I guessed I just have to accept it as everything on earth changes all the time. And I have to accept the fact that our friendship has changed. Was the change due to the distance again? or Was it caused by time? Or by both? 

In the end, we just cant fight time and distance and we drifted away from each other. 

I once believed love cannot be changed, I guess I just have to accept that nothing is unchangeable. Everything will fade in time, care and love, friendship and all.. 


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