My past weekend

Saturday 29th June was a good day, supposed to be a happy day.

I had lunch and high tea with my high school friends, the atmosphere was delighted, everyone was talking and smiling, me too. But I cant feel the happiness real deep in my heart, it is like smoke. u can see it, can feel it, but u cant either.

Sunday 30th June, I had a minor accident where I banged the car in front. I was in rage and totally out of control. The blue car beside me winded down his window and said you deserve it! I then showed him my pretty middle-finger and shouted at him. Luckily my car was connected with the front car and I had no space to go to that blue car. If not, I will definitely slap him on the face! You lucky son of the bitch! Car plate: SGS 3*71T, light metallic blue, looks like MPV with 4WD! You better be careful when I see you again somewhere! While writing this, I am still full of anger!


Seems like the only emotions I can feel is sadness and anger. Whoa, so do not try to provoke me!

I went to Guanyin temple, drew a lot. It says, I have to stay low-profile, calm, always take one step back to avoid any trouble. Well, I guess I should start follow this and should not get into any trouble now.

I used to be a free-thinker, I do not believe in God, do not believe in Karma.  What I used to think is that there are so many bad people out there, but they do not suffer any karma in their lives while those kind and innocent people always died first. If there is God, God should help.

Now, I become very religious. I believe God exists, I believe in Karma. I believe kind soul will be saved. I believe in love, and love can change everything on this earth.

My question is, how to love?

How to love myself? How to love everybody, everything on this earth?

I am really inspired by Jing Kong Fa Shi, his wisdom.(  )

My boss gave me DVDs of interview with Jing Kong Fa Shi, havent started watching yet. The interview is from year 2008-2010. I truly believe I will have gained some knowledge about life, death, human and the world from there.

I really appreciate my boss for sharing this with us.

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