A normal lazy day

 I had nightmare again, I dreamt of my eyes being spilled by acid and close to blind.

I was not sure if I was sad in the dream, I just remembered I am trying to use my eyes to see things clear, but everything is blurring. I tried very hard to see…but I couldn’t.

Just went to watch World War Z, the movie is typical zombie movie, the undeath caused by some kind of viruses or diseases. The tempo is fast, the scene is awesome. In fact, I was scared and shocked by a few scenes. Overall it is a good commercial movie, worth a watch!

I just could not imagine if one day, there is something happen like in the movie. What will you do?  Are you going to run around with no direction? Are you going to sacrifice yourself to protect your loved ones? Or are you to fight back when you are in such desperation? Are you going to be the hero who saves the world? Are you willing to sacrifice your everything just to be that hero?

This remains a question.

I have a severe headache this morning, and was stuck in traffic jam for twice caused by two different accidents. I just felt that today is not my day and I should just turn back and go home, not to go work. But, still I end up in the office now with my headache, back ache.

There is a saying said if you do not know where you are heading to, you will never reach your destination. 

I have no idea where am I heading to now, kinda like headless fly. I just hope I can lie on my bed and hug my pillow to sleep now. But I cannot, I still have dinner to attend after work! Omg! Can I faint now >_<

Can I cancel the dinner?? 


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