I hate seeing you, bitch

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

I saw her. She is with long hair. She said her name is Joey. She is shameless, cheeky and thick-skinned. She wanted me to forgive her. But, when she said this to me, her face is without feeling sorry or regret. She stood in front of me like a victor. If that was the usual me, I could have given her a big slap on the face but I did not. I said I will never forgive you.

I guess this does not matter to her, why would she care? 

She purposely came to humiliate me and hurt me. How can this kind of person care for another person? I am hurt, sad, angry, irritated, agitated. I just do not want to get involved of it anymore, I don’t want quarrel, don’t want to get agitated or irritated anymore. So please get out of my sight forever, you disgusting creature.


Today is Saturday, a sunny morning. I could not get a good sleep yesterday night. That sucks.

My cocktail seems like not working well these few days especially after seeing the damn Joey.

Hope that I will be having a great weekend ahead!

I need a good full body massage, but I can’t go for massage now. Gonna bear with my super tight muscles for a week…

Praying to God. Please give me some peace and ability to throw  all the dumb asses away.


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