Chasing for True Love

I did it. This time it is different from the previous one, because I can remember his not yours.

Maybe I should have done it earlier but I did not. I should listen to God, God told me that but I hesitated because I am a human with flesh and warm blood, I have feelings and emotions. I have things that I treasure that I do not bear to throw.

God has assured me many times, it is right to do that. And, today finally I did it by following the God’s will. I hope God will see it and give me his blessings and stop the misery. I told myself, keep all the hatred and do not do anything bad to hurt someone.  Retribution will eventually settle it for me.


Today is Wednesday, coming to end of March 2013. Time really flies, flies without my knowing. I am terrified by the time whilst it is beyond my control.

Although it is just the beginning of the year, I have already chosen my favorite video clip of the year from yotube.  It is a Pilipino video clip, a story between Elo and Mara. Elo is a small person who can’t grow. He kept asking God, why? Why this happened to me?  I don’t understand why it is me! And in the end, he said to Mara now I understand why. The reason being is because you are standing in front of me right now and willing to marry to me. It is a very touching clip, but the link is in my phone.

I watched it over and over again. No matter how many times I watch, it touches my heart.

True Love is supposed to be like that, love a person unconditionally and wholeheartedly, willing to take the responsibility and commitment.

 (Suddenly I think of the video which made me cry, it is a touching video too which once meant a lot to me. In the video, my hair was long then short then long again. All the photos inside are with smiling faces. My tears just couldn’t help to drop down when I first saw that video. Well, I might have mistaken that as a sign of love, although it is not.)

So, where can I find love? I mean true one…this remains a question.

I should go and ask God again. 

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