If you are going through hell, keep going – Winston Churchill

“If you‘re going through hellkeep going.”- Winston Churchill

One of my favourite quotes to share today. 

I have gained weight, blame the non-stop eating lately and medicine. Doctor previously said I can adjust the dosage myself, but this time he  thinks I am over-dosage myself. Now he said “do not take so much!”. oo oh! too late! 

Doctor also said my pain threshold has been reduced, meaning I cant stand any pain like before. For example, leg cramp is just not that pain, but now i feel the pain more painful 1000 times than before….just a leg cramp can make me feel like going to bang the wall… :p

I told Doctor that I have just joined yoga classes, doctor said do not do too much stretching or difficult action that make u feel pain. T^T Haiz… but yoga is about stretching, right? Seemed like my condition is worsened until cant do yoga….

I almost hit a lorry again today when driving to work this morning, and luckily just hit the side mirror…this is the second time I almost hit a lorry in these few months, haiz…I guess I have to drink redbull every morning..hahahaha! lame!

I have been going through hell, and I am still in it. It is either keep going or stop going. 

I believe I am trying very hard to keep going, keep going, although it seems like the hell journey will never end. 


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