For everything happened for a reason

For everything happened for a reason.

God, I please you to give me the reason for my life. I have faith in you and I hope you can bring me out of this misery now. I am sorry for being weak and fragile; I have been trying to be as strong as I can. I understand that God will not give me a challenge that I am incapable to deal with, but God, I have changed, and I have changed into a lousy and fragile girl. I am not the one anymore for all the things I have been through, there were too much for me since young. Although I am very lucky one compared to many other people in this world, I do not know why I am not satisfied and since young feel that I do not belong to this world. In psychology, maybe I lost my self identity. I cannot solve it. Nobody can solve it so far.

I am blessed with such a good family, good friends, good dog, good house, good colleagues…

Yes, I am blessed!

Yet, I am not satisfied. I need love, need more love, need an incredible amount of love.

God, I pray for your love. 


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