With the help of GOD

I have been talking to GOD. 

I asked GOD why you took your gift away which you gave it to me.

but GOD din answer me.

I asked GOD y happiness is always temporary and my suffering is like forever nv end until the day i leave this world.

GOD had not answered me.

I asked GOD to give me a good and tight sleep, God did it!

I asked GOD for help, for saving me out of suffering and misery. I asked GOD many things which I cannot understand, God had not answered me.

But this morning, I finally got the answer!  

GOD will take me away. GOD knows I nv ask for eternal life, and I can nv find peace in this place. Since young, i already know this place is not for me but I have been trying very hard to live here. and God gave me a lot of helps, gave me a lot of ppl who love me and care for me to make it through. But since I do not belong to this place and after so many years of trying, it is time for HIM to take me away, to leave this place. There, I only can be relieved.

For all the years, I am not leaving because I dunwan my loved ones and those love me to be hurt. “Those who stay or left behind are the most suffering ones”, that is y I insisted keep on trying to stay although I am really not that happy. 

I beg GOD, please give mercy to them. please heal their hearts and their souls. please let them know they are so wonderful and they have done all they could. They should have no regrets and should not blame themselves for anything. They did a lot, more than enough. They are the best I have ever had. Let them know if that day has come, I am leaving peacefully and happily. 

Promise of healing them shall give me a peace of mind.

The purpose of writing this, it just to leave something to tell you all. I have a lot of loves and cares from you, I love and care for you too. that is y i am still here writing this, if not many many years ago, I would have left. I want to tell you, if I leave, I leave in peace. 

If anything happen, I want you to be strong and to get over it. I love you. 

I do not know when the day will be. Shall be with notice or without any notice to me. 

I am very relieved after what was happened this morning.

Thanks GOD.

God Bless


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