my own review ^^

of all, tmwr will be my last day for internship. As I really have nth to do in
the S***company, I have shortened my internship. I just cant wait to escape
from here, from the boring place and boring job! Let’s go celebrate!!! But I am
so poor now, anyone who’d like to treat me a feast pls let me know…(the amount
in my savings acc. dropped to the lowest figure never ever before, so pls show
me ur sympathy T_T Good food means a lot to me…)

I don’t really like my job in S***, luckily I got to know some friends here
like Dianne, YeeLing, Yao, Dereck, Jim, Kahyee,Steven…etc. Hope tat u all will
c my blog soon and bring me to eat, haha! ( I am so hungry now) When u r free
can call me out to yum cha or shopping, hehe! During my internship, I have been
reading a lot of magazines, newspapers and blogs. (well, can see that it is a
boring job for me so that I have so much free time to do all these) It makes me
recall and rethink of many things, the past. The first thing is I wont be as
spendthrift as I was before, the reason is very simple cos I am poor enough
now, haha! Second, I will try not to be as lazy as before. It’s quite hard to
make a change as a scientific research has proved tat actually laziness is in
the genes. (oops! Baba mama I din say I got it from you ya!)

Besides (For my
, I owe an apology and explanation to my friends. I can give you my
apology right now yet I think it’s still not the right time for me to explain
as I also cant explain it to myself. How am I going to convince you gals with
my “unreasonable” reason? I heard it from taopok that u gals r worried abt me,
I just wanna let u know tat I m fine and hope that all of u stay happy always.

It’s still 10.37am…I am super hungry. While I am typing tis blog in the office,
I can hear the “gulu gulu” sound from my tummy T_T (can I go to find Tina and
ask for some biscuits? But I have no energy to walk upstairs and I really don’t
feel like seeing the bloody Mary’s face!) So I just decided to lengthen my
blog, wahaha! (I guess this will be a very lengthy blog of mine ever^^)

weekend I went Muar to attend Zen’s father funeral. His father’s death is very
shocking to all of us. We are all very worried how Zen’s gonna face this
unexpected incident. He told us tat he has to stop his studies to take over his
father’s business, and learn everything from scratch. As he is the eldest, He’ll
become the breadwinner of his family. After the Muar trip, we feel sad that we
cant give him any help and the only thing we can do is to give him our best
wishes to him.

care and best wishes to u”


yeah! I am going back to pineapple town on 25th or 26th
or 27th of August. Anyone who wanna take a lift from me, pls reserve
ur seat asap. Haha! My semester starts on 25th of sept. (I guess)
and I will be back to KLon 24th, pls make ur reservation asap too.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! Ice

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4 thoughts on “my own review ^^

  1. Eileen

    u will always get my blessing no matter where u r…where i m…=)

  2. Eileen

    u will always get my blessing no matter where u r…where i m…=)

  3. Eileen

    u will always get my blessing no matter where u r…where i m…=)

  4. 小西

    T_T 走过来瞧瞧~~~~

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