monday morning…

i am hungry….becos i was stuck in the traffic jam for 2 hours. bcos of the police roadblock…
just attended the briefing for internship and i have nth to do again…
My boss, John is not coming today. I m waiting for my lunch time to come…T_T
I m going to eat nando’s wif ria but she is on diet, guess i ll be the only one eating later…
I m still in doubt, y m i so free during working hours?
n should i dress formally a bit? (everyone seems to wear very formal today)
should i wear my high heels everyday? but my heels all r too high, dun feel comfortable to wear them the whole day.
m i spoilt? if there r too many things to do, i ll complain. if there is nth to do, i ll oso complain.
but most of the ppl here seem quite busy.
i still have 2 months to go…sigh…
two days ago, went to bon odori in shah alam stadium…well, there s no fireworks, it s a bit disappointing.
nth much to c there….
wondering how’s my burger doing at home…
wondering y all the ppl r so busy…
wondering wat time i should go back home as my boss is not here…
is my freedom kinda indulgency patterns cos i m so free all the time,  if there s anything i need to do, i ll do it on my best?
or is it moral hazard problems?
at the same time, i m thinking of how to increase my profit cos it doesnt seem like i hav earned any benefits from here yet…
going out to eat soon   ^^
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