little green tortoise

time flies…really flies…flies so fast!
I hav to go back to uni on sunday…wu…no!!! i dunwan…
i got my little green tortoise on new year eve! just in time
my car plate no. is JKT 7234…
n the Waja was broken on the same day cos my bro banged some1’s car again..
so i went to buy lottery wif my sis tat day, but…of cos we din win anything in the end…
i need money! money! arghhh!
(actually i hav nth to write…erm..feel like writing sth though)
erm…tmwr is S3AC1 gathering…
erm…so fast…
i still remembered last year gathering, seems like it just happened yesterday…
hope next year gathering can be as usual, at lunch time not dinner…
JB is so unsafe! n the police is so @#$%!
u all know tat wat…
hav a nice weather 2morrow~
hav a happy gathering~
hav a safe journey 2morrow~ (how cum i always talk to myself??)
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