party animal~

omg! exam is coming n i m slacking…
oh men, stop inviting me to go out for fun, i cannot resist those tempting invitations!
(but anyway, life is searching for fun, rite? slacking….haiz)
n i shall stop denying i m a party animal…(sad…)
din study the whole day on 25th n 26th…sad again…
den the whole november was so busy n i spent like hell, i m still broke…
n the coming new year’s eve, planning is in progress, omg!
planning to go genting…
aiyoyo, all ppl r going crazy…
after exam definitely will go somewhere else again, wat a busy life here!
no, is wat a spendthrift life here =_="
n i just knew tat i have mistaken tat my flight is on 19th 2am, but actually is on 20th 2am…
wahahsa, still have 1 day to go out with u guys~ (or else u all wanna abandon me n go clubbing urselves, after tat wanna show me ur photos, c~how bad u r, all bad men!)
i ll miss u all soon, hope i can still meet u guys when i come back…( cos i think all of u r going overseas after that…start missing u guys now la)
haiz, i wanna go temple to pray for my exam, anyone knows any famous temple for that in selangor? pls tell me asap…
well, is a bit too late and a little bit too early to wish everybody merry chirstmast n happy new year!
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2 thoughts on “party animal~

  1. yihfang

    hey~~~u gonna leave at 20th wat?
    so, we still got the chance to meet each other right?
    when will u be in pekan nanas???
    anyways, keep in touch!!
    and, i dont think tht i will be the 1st bride…  =.=\’\’
    it supposed to be wendy, our happiness little woman~

  2. Diane

    haha..mistaken ur flight ar? haha! can go pasar seni there.. got a temple to \’pai pai\’ for studies de..hahah

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