tis friday..

well well, i m going to Tmn Negara tis friday….
go there for what?
of cos, camping again….
i still can remembered the experience of last camping trip, is interesting but oso scary..
n tis time i m going into bigger jungle, actually i m so scared of it.
i m afraid of height, i cannot swim, i m afraid of those insects, especially it’s raining season there must be a lot of leeches…
dunno y, human is always afraid of the unforeseen future…
yet i m still looking forward to it…
oh! 2morrow i m going to an orphanage, i have been thinking of doing so since quite a long time…
but i heard that the children there r most Indians, can i handle them?
hope i can…i should have more patience n tolerance…
gotta bless myself for everything…
may sickness, sadness n pressure leave me alone
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3 thoughts on “tis friday..

  1. pei fen

    bless u wont kick those Indian kids…

  2. yihfang

    i want to go there as well~~~
    i have not tried camping before…
    i think it would be a great experience!?!
    erm……seemed tht i am a bit \’old\’ for camping stuff…

  3. a-ting


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