is really suck!!!

最后莞芯好像消失了 -_-"
I m now going to vent out my anger!
actually i m not tat angry but i really dun like to get in any troubles…
firstly i really found tat guys like to flirt around…even when their gfs  r just sitting next to them.
hey dude! i have asked u not to sms me, but maybe u think it’s fun? ur gf was sitting beside me..or maybe u think it’s more exciting by doing so?
den today u still sms me n told me tat ur gf checked ur smses, luckily there is really nth between us…
den u told me…gg…
luckily ur gf is very open..
if she is those jealous women, she ll come to kill me…
but i really hav to say tat dun get me into any troubles, or else i ll make u into those troubles too…
ok, anyway, i like being friends wif u guys ^_^
The second thing is abt the visa for uk.
is really suck! y do i need so many documents to apply for it?
I need my parent’s last 3 months bank statements, income tax, evidence of accommodation, evidence of income,etc…
tat means, i need to go back home again to get all those documents…
if my application has been rejected, i hav to reapply, n pay the 700sth again…
wat the hell! i m just a poor student wat!
f***! I ll become rich one day! heng!
and i m getting fatter n fatter…
y keep calling me for supper?
is time for supper…
damn it!
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