where is the luv

ok,first, i would like to congratulate my da lao po,woan shin…."happy 25 months anniversary!"
next come to…erm,i think tat’s all.
dunno wat should i talk abt rite here, feeling frustrated, disappointed, insecure,relieved…etc..
in short, i m feeling complicated.
but i m trying my best to get rid of this complicated feeling.
i think perhaps i m a pessimist inside n an optimist outside.
many ppl can understand me yet many ppl cannot.
some ppl luv my pessimism only,
some just luv my optimism.
but i think there is some1 luv the both, i truly hope tat all of u can luv tis totally indifferent characteristics of me. tat’s me, none of them is fake.
and 1 more thing, can any1 tell me wat a complete life is?
as wat we know, there is no perfect in the world, wat we can have is just a so called complete life.
wat do we need in our life?
kinship, friendship, relationship.
can we afford to lose any1 of them? (ok, actually i think we cant, tat ll be the worst thing ever)
and how ll u rank them? which ll come first?
(i need answer, i need reply. maybe i would like to becum a pyschologist in the future or join the FBI to analyse criminals’ minds.)
i think i should stop here today.
those passers-by, feel free to leave ur msg or comments.
to be continued….


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2 thoughts on “where is the luv

  1. yihfang

    A complete life, a complex concept to be…
    none of us can totally describe wat the complete life is, as,
    everyone is unique n diff.
    however, to me,
    tht\’s really to get a complete life.
    because, i think im the one, who will nv satisfy the current life…
    i always ask for more…
    too bad…
    cherish~~~i told myself…
    so do u la~

  2. wong

    haha…thx ur bless~~
    i think …a complete is …
    do watever u like u ur whole life … 
    and…many ppl appear in ur life to complete it…
    so …u can\’t decide ur life by urself…
    my dear~~
    my mission
    is to complete ur life also…haha

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