can u feel my world?

"Can u feel my world" This is a song from LEE HOM.
It is quite an old song. I knew tis song in my senior 2. I should thx yihfang for tis, haha!
hey! ah huang u must be very curious, rite? haha!
It’s our memory wif kevin n bola… tat lee hom’s album, is it still wif u?
ah pei, did i tell u tat kevin just knew tat u r my fren after a year tat u have studied in ucsi together?
I guess i had told u abt tis,hehe!
oh ya! I have to let u know tat,
David Soh, i think u all know who he is.
He keeps smses me recently in order to get more of ur news, especially ah huang.
haiz….actually he was very nice to us be4 rite?
Though he is a peculiar old man, we should be grateful to him for those kinsahi n kfc days ^_^
Thanks for those privileges he gave to us. Cheers~
I am bored indeed in tis summer break.
I am wondering how did I spend the half year after high school graduation
hey hey u u u,
faster come to me~
i need u girls to fill up my vacuity!!!
get the telepathy?



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5 thoughts on “can u feel my world?

  1. pei fen

    that day mr. kevin ask me….
    i said…
    this september bah…

  2. hui yan

    paiseh la~

  3. wong

    oh ~

  4. yihfang

    i has sms him leh~~~
    not very heartless hor??
    but he din reply me loh….so, it is not my problem le~~
    can u dont mention tht guy?
    i dont rmb where did i put tht album loh…
    but, it must still be somewhere…need to find…
    you want??
    give u loh…when i go back!!wakakaka… 

  5. pei fen

    david soh wan go NZ find u liao…
    bad ah huang, u wait him go there kidnap u bah. 

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